JOURNEY NO 48   -   24th March 1978

Touring the Eighth Tribunal – Interviewing Dou Shi Wang

JiGong: The brightness of the moon is intense but does not affect the eyes. This brightness is called “brightness of nature”. Those who are devout ascetic practitioners have hearts which are able to receive the reflection of this brightness. This means that their hearts are sincere and pure – not of spot of dirt or dirtiness – quiet, peaceful, brilliant. The reflection in the heart, although static, is in fact quite movable, very much like a peaceful pool or lake, the surface of which is relatively steady thus making it possible to reflect the surrounding objects. Because the heart is peaceful and serene, truthfulness prevails and nothing is concealed, thus making it possible to reflect the owner’s original pure personality at birth, thereby making it possible for him to differentiate between what is right and what is wrong. Ascetic practitioners, now living, should not be influenced by the infection of the surrounding sinful world. They should set example and should show their acquired rays of supernatural power. Human beings now walk about on marble floors and pitch road, live in houses, sitting, sleeping on most expensive beds and enjoying every type of luxury but, wherever they are or about, dirt will surround their bodies. Even if there is any suction machine or any cleansing or bleaching powder, yet the dresses must be changed “twice in every three days” – this means that this dirty and sinful world is like a “bitter sea”. Even Sakyamuni when preaching in Ling Shan produced a flower, everyone kept quiet but kasyapa had a smile on his face. This flower was not an ordinary flower but was a flower representing the heart of Jia Ye. So when Jia Ye saw the flower, his heart was very happy. Now, I come to Earth and communicate with you people by means of planchette writing; those who are bewildered have their doubts thinking that these planchette writings are man-made and therefore they are unconcerned; but to those who are enlightened, on seeing the planchette writing, become aware and understand that the writing is my communication and is what I want to make known. It is like gold being panned or sifted from sand and they appreciate this by the smiles on their faces as if they have acquired a lot of jewellery or treasure.

Yang Sheng: Dear Master, you’ve spoken at great length; are you not afraid that many people do not understand what you are saying? It’s like casting pearls before swine.
JiGong: Useless things can become valuable sometimes. Don’t you ever see quite a number of people rummaging through rubbish heaps, smiles on their faces, expecting to salvage something useful or valuable from the lots of rubbish? What you don’t want and throw away, others pick up for future use, therefore there is no wastage; only clever eyes can see good things. In gold producing areas people tend to look upon diggings as ordinary sand not caring very much because they are used to consider the surroundings and gold as a matter of ordinary routine. Today, we will visit Hades again.
Yang Sheng: Which part of Hades are we going to visit this time?
JiGong: This time we will be touring the Eighth Tribunal. Quickly get up on the lotus flower platform and we will start….
Yang Sheng: Yes, Sir, I’m safely seated; we can start now.
JiGong: We’ve arrived, get down.
Yang Sheng: I’ve alighted.
JiGong: Before us is the Eighth Tribunal. You will observe that someone has gone through the door to report our arrival.
Yang Sheng: Dou Shi Wang and his various Officers have come to receive us. Above the doorway are the words “Eighth Tribunal Dou Shi Wang”. Dou Shi Wang wears a gown embroidered with a dragon. His face looks very majestic and he walks down the stone steps very steadily….Salutation to you, Dou Shi Wang. I am Sheng Xian Tang’s chief planchette handler, Yang Sheng. Today, I follow my Master to visit your place. If I am ignorant of your customs and routine, please, Dou Shi Wang, do enlighten me.
Dou Shi Wang: Don’t stand on ceremony, please arise. You two have undertaken the task of writing the Book by shuttling between Earth and Inferno! I greatly admire your zeal. Quickly follow me inside my Tribunal.
Yang Sheng: Thank you very much, Dou Shi Wang. There are many souls outside the Tribunal waiting for judgement. They look very much astonished beyond belief on seeing us. Some are crying after being hit by the soldiers of Hades.
Dou Shi Wang: Please be seated, both of you. I will temporarily suspend my work. I will be too happy to discuss any matters with you. General, quickly serve tea.
General: Yes, Sir….Tea is served. JiGong and Yang Sheng do not be shy, and drink the tea.
Dou Shi Wang: I’ve been waiting quite sometime for you to come and at last you’ve arrived. Truly, the more deserving a mission, the more difficulties there will be.
JiGong: Every time we tour Hades, time seems rather limited; so we have to spend a lot of time to complete writing this Book, Diyu Youji. Luckily there are so many willing helpers in Sheng Xian Tang and so the writing of this Book goes on smoothly and steadily. Big vessels require a lot of time to build, like talent matures slowly. We have to thank Dou Shi Wang today for his kind help.
Yang Sheng: We are much honored today to have Dou Shi Wang and Officers to welcome us. We thank you all from the bottom of our hearts. But as for myself, I feel that I have not yet achieved any advancement.
Dou Shi Wang: It is not easy to follow or attain the “Right Way”. One has to take good care every minute; one exists in the midst of “gain and loss,” and if one is not careful enough, one cannot attain one’s goal, the “Right Way”. You, Yang Sheng, should not indulge in self-rebuke; if you can even regain what you had lost, you are already on the right path. If you can control your intention to follow the “Right Way” you will ultimately reach the end of the Way of Humanity, then only can you find your own true self.
Yang Sheng: I am most grateful for Dou Shi Wang’s precious words of advice. Today, I beg Dou Shi Wang to kindly enlighten me in the workings of the Eighth Tribunal.
Dou Shi Wang: Very good. I’m in charge of the Eighth Tribunal. The work of this Tribunal is to judge the left-over sins of souls not dealt with by the 1st up to the 7th Tribunals. Inside our Tribunal is a large Prison which is very hot and is known as the Hot Prison and, in addition, there are 16 Smaller Prisons. I would advise human beings to perform their duties diligently and maintain self-restraint. The principles of human conduct and the ways of Heaven will make one understand the true source of birth and subsequent destination after death, the awareness of which prevents one’s soul from being sent to this Tribunal for punishment and eventual suffering, because of the various transmigrations of the soul.
Yang Sheng: Can I ask Dou Shi Wang a question? Many people have asked me why our Book, Diyu Youji, does not print the names and addresses of the sinful souls whom we had already interviewed in Hades! Human beings now want actual proof of the existence and identity of the souls interviewed, failing which most people will not believe what we have written. Will Dou Shi Wang kindly explain to such enquirers?
Dou Shi Wang: When the sinful souls see you, a human being, coming here to gather facts by enquiring from them, they feel very much afraid and ashamed. Also, Yu Huang has ordered that the identities must not be made known; only to mention what sins had been committed and not more! If the names and addresses are made known, the descendants of those mentioned, still living on Earth, will be ashamed, and also, the families will be involved in misunderstandings. That is why no names and addresses will be mentioned in this Book.
JiGong: A perfect gentleman is a perfect gentleman; a mean person is a mean person. If a person has done wrong there is no need to ask for his name and address; just arrest him first and question later on. When a person is alive it does not matter whether he believes in the existence of Heaven or Hell. If he commits sin or mischief or evil when alive, after death his soul will be under the control of the Heads of the various Tribunals in Hades; then only will he believe in the existence of Heaven or Hell – that then will be too late! Time is running short; we have to leave now and come again next time. Yang Sheng, prepare to return.
Yang Sheng: Yes, because we have to return now, we have to thank Dou Shi Wang for your hospitality. We have to say goodbye.
Dou Shi Wang: All Generals and Officers; line up and say goodbye.
Yang Sheng: I’m safely seated, dear Master; we can start now to return….
JiGong: We have arrived at Sheng Xian Tang. Yang Sheng, get down. Soul, return to your body.
End of Journey No 48








The Eighth Tribunal
Dou Shi Wang