JOURNEY NO 49   -   7th April 1978


Touring “Meat-Jam Prison”
JiGong: I have received the Order that our Book, “Diyu Youji,” must be completed within this year by the Mooncake Festival (8th Moon 15th Day). This Old Monk is most impatient to complete this allotted job because, after the specified time, no one, not even you, Yang Sheng, can be allowed to follow me to Hades.
Yang Sheng: There is nothing special in Hades for any one to make a pleasure trip there. The sooner we can complete writing this Book, the better as I feel that my burden will be much lightened!
JiGong: Anyone who is free from debt feels very light of heart and the same applies to me because at the moment I am so very much indebted to so many human beings, because I have not finished writing this Book and the sooner it is completed and issued to everyone I feel that I no longer be indebted to anyone. But human beings do not know. Therefore if all living creatures are saved then there will be no necessity for my name JiGong Huofo.     
Yang Sheng: Why?
JiGong: Fo (Buddha) cannot be separated from all living creatures, i.e. if there are living creatures there must be Buddha. Buddha is just a name; you human beings must not think only of the name of Buddha but must have the heart to follow the Buddhist teachings. Time is limited and so, Yang Sheng, get up on the lotus flower platform quickly.
Yang Sheng: I’m safely seated, dear Master, we can start now….
JiGong: We have arrived, quickly get down.
Yang Sheng: I’ve alighted. I don’t know which Prison we are visiting now.
JiGong: Look, before us there is a huge flame. That is the Bigger Prison of the Red Hot Bricks.
Yang Sheng: Truly it is very hot; the heat is so intense and the vapour sucks one towards it. I think it is better we skip this Prison and visit another one.
JiGong: That is nothing special. We had earlier visited a Prison of Red Hot Bricks; it’s just this one is bigger than the earlier one and the heat is very much intense here. You follow me.
Yang Sheng: Yes, Sir. I can see the soldiers of Hades catching the sinful souls and there is much movement everywhere. The soldiers shouting and ordering the sinful souls about, like what goes on at the execution ground. Can I ask, dear Master why certain types of soldiers of Hades are Ox-head-horse-faced and certain types are like ordinary people?
JiGong: There are many types of soldiers of Hades and various names are given. Some are called “Hei Bai Wu Chang” some are called “Fan Wujiu”; some type of the soldiers are called “Xie Bi’an”. When sinful souls see the fierce faces of the soldiers of Hades, they become very frightened and their legs turn soft making them more easily arrested. When souls who are less sinful see the soldiers of Hades, they do not feel so afraid. This is exactly what the average human beings say, “If I do not have a bad conscience, I have no fear when there is a knock at the front door at night”. On Earth, when a criminal sees a policeman he urinates; policemen are equipped with handcuffs and firearms. In Hades, “Hei Bai Wu Chang” are equipped with iron chains and other implements of punishment. Those who are free from crime look upon policemen as ordinary people, but criminals when they see policemen, try to avoid them and try to escape. We have now arrived at the Small Prison… We will enter for a look.
Yang Sheng: Thank you, Officer. I see so many sinful souls suffering because they are being crushed into meat-jam by the vehicles. Most terrible!
JiGong: Look. When the Winds of Hades blow over the meat-jam, the souls regain their original form to undergo a repeat pulping up, if necessary.
Yang Sheng: I don’t know for what sins they are being punished.
Officer: Souls who were treacherous and lecherous, unfilial, murderers, those who had gone through punishments for other crimes in earlier Tribunals, and souls who are more sinful, all these are sent to this Prison to be further punished by being crushed into meat-jam by the vehicles here. After this punishment then they will regain fresh personalities when the winds of Hades blow over the meat-jam.
JiGong: It is time for us to return. Now you know the purpose of this Prison. I hope that those human beings who have committed any sins will repent in front of the Deities and endeavour to mend their ways so that after death they will not have to be sent to this Prison to suffer. Yang Sheng; get ready to leave.
Yang Sheng: Thank you, Officer and Generals. Because we have limited time we now have to say goodbye.
Officer: Order all Generals to line up and say goodbye.
Yang Sheng: I’m safely seated, dear Master, we can start.
JiGong: We have arrived at Sheng Xian Tang. Yang Sheng, get down. Soul, return to your body.
End of Journey No 49