JOURNEY NO 50   -   12th April 1978


            Touring the Small Prison for Amputating Limbs
JiGong: If a person revives after his supposed death, the revival can be said to be “life after death”; but if a living person dies, then his death is a true death. Something gained is usually at the expense of something lost. This is the result of transmigration. When two small children both grow up together they tend, initially to be good natured and angel-like; but nowadays, grown ups or those who attain maturity with the numerous sins they encounter and commit, will lead them ultimately to undergo the six transmigrations of souls. So therefore, spiritual people or ascetic practitioners will have to preserve their chastity, vigour and vitality and not associate with the opposite sex, otherwise, with such association they will have to repay dearly for their carnal sins. How long is one’s life-span? Then why commit sins? I hope human beings will realize that sins do not pay. Today, we will tour Hades. Yang Sheng get up on the lotus flower platform.
Yang Sheng: The weather today is so very hot, so much so, that I’m sweating all through.
JiGong: Sweat comes from water. Without sweat, the veins will be blocked.
Yang Sheng: What’s the meaning of what you have said?
JiGong: If there is no mouth, one cannot speak. You will slowly comprehend; there are “words inside words”. Let’s go visiting Hades.
Yang Sheng: Yes, Sir….
JiGong: We’ve arrived. Get down.
Yang Sheng: Why is it that Hell is so cold, not like what we just experienced on Earth?
JiGong: Of course; one is positive, the other is negative.
Yang Sheng: Today I observe that the soldiers of Hades are herding so many sinful souls about. I also observe that one group is coming our way; obviously to welcome us.
JiGong: That is so. Today, we are visiting the Small Prison for Amputating Limbs. Officer and Generals are coming, quickly go and pay your respects.
Yang Sheng: My humble respects to you, Officer and Generals. I am Sheng Xian Tang’s disciple Yang Sheng; and I am accompanying my Master JiGong, to your place for a look; please give us every assistance.
Officer: No need to stand on ceremony. I extend a warm welcome to JiGong and Yang Sheng. After your Book, Diyu Youji, is published and distributed, your prestige will be very much enhanced, and firstly, will have the effect of redeeming your ancestors, secondly, your sins will be pardoned and you will be lucky. The secret of Hades, through this Book, will be made known to all human beings. From ancient time until now, this is going to be the most wonderful Book. Please, both of you, follow me inside this Small Prison for Amputating limbs.
Yang Sheng: Thank you very much, Officer. I can hear wailing voices coming from inside. Wa! this Prison is not a building but a big field. So many sinful souls are tied up and are kneeling on the ground. Soldiers of Hades chop off the left arm near the shoulder and the sinful soul shrieks; and then the right arm is similarly chopped off, more shrieks; and the sinful soul falls down sprawling on the ground. Then the soldiers chop off the two legs – the ground is covered with blood. The scene is so horrible and pitiful; I dare not see. Can I ask Officer for what sins did these souls commit that they should suffer so much punishment?
Officer: All human beings have good arms and legs but they do not want to do good deeds. They prefer to harm and kill others. When such sinful people die, their souls will be sent to the various Tribunals to be punished and lastly, they will be sent to this Prison to be punished some more. All those who were unfilial, disloyal, pirates, those who used their hands to kill others, those who used the pen to harm others, those who used the legs to harm others or other miscellaneous types of sinners – all these sinners who did not care to repent when alive, when they die, their souls will be sent to Hades to be judged for their sins and as a final punishment, they will be sent to this Prison.
JiGong: Nowadays there are many human beings who indulge in stealing – selling name and honor, stealing property and goods to sell, stealing the opposite sex, stealing life – all these stealing occur daily. Most human beings want to get what they want and achieve their ambitions not through righteous means. They use stealth to get what they want or desire, such people after death will have to face the soldiers of Hades who will “steal” their two arms by chopping them off. Some human beings go beyond all bounds of reason or opportunity; or those who are blinded by the prospect of small gains or those who prefer to take short cuts instead of the regular paths to attain their requirements – all these, when they die, their two legs will be chopped off in this Prison. It is now time for us to return and so it is sufficient enough to see what goes on in this Prison.
Officer: Many human beings do not believe that Hades exists. Why not they don’t believe that there are Prisons on Earth which punish those who do wrong? If a human being, instead of taking three steps, chooses to take only one step, he will, of course, fall down. If one swallows two limbs at the same time, is there any reason why he cannot get choked? You two have taken so much pains, time and trouble to write the Book. I hope you will come again.
Yang Sheng: Since my dear Master has urged me to return, I must now say goodbye and thank you Officer and Generals.
Officer: Since you have to return, I will not hold you any longer. I will order my Generals to line up and say goodbye.
Yang Sheng: I’m safely seated on the lotus flower platform, dear Master, we can start…
JiGong: We have arrived at Sheng Xian Tang. Yang Sheng, get down. Soul, return to your body.      
End of Journey No 50