JOURNEY NO: 8   -   9th October 1976

Touring ‘Wang Si Cheng’

JiGong: This year there are two Mid-Autumn Festival Days: [1] On 8th Moon 15th Day (8th September 1976) and [2] On Intercalary 8th Moon 15th Day (8th October 1976)
As you are aware, Yu Huang the Jade Emperor has chosen you to tour Hades so that when you return to Earth you can write a book on what you have seen, for human beings to read so that they can do good deeds. It is already one month past since the Order was received; time has also passed like the flowing of water, in fact too fast – how many times can there be full moon and how many more years can we meet with two Mid-Autumn Festival Days in a year again? On Earth human beings can enjoy the moonlight but in Hades, the souls there are suffering in darkness or semi-darkness. Yang Sheng, let us prepare for our journey.
Yang Sheng: Right, time passes very quickly and one month has passed by and yet we have not written one tenth of the book. I am afraid we cannot accomplish this important assignment.
JiGong: If there is sincerity in your heart and with determination, the door of the Ten Tribunals of Hades will automatically open to receive you. Quickly climb up the lotus flower platform.
Yang Sheng: I am ready, Master. Let us start…..
JiGong: We have arrived; please alight
Yang Sheng: Today we arrive here and I see the words ‘WANG SI CHENG’ City of Those Died Unnaturally Deaths – on the doorpost. Are we touring this place?
JiGong: Yes, today we will visit Wang Si Cheng; please follow me.
Yang Sheng: The gate is closed, how can we enter?
JiGong: The gate works automatically like the ones at supermarkets on Earth, they open automatically when customers come near them. The soldiers of Hell bring here the souls of human beings who have died by accident, not natural death. Such souls have some resentment and when they appear before the gate, their resentment becomes restless. The gate has ‘induction’ and the effect of such resentment causes the gate to open. Things in Hades are creations of Ying and Yang. You will see when I wave my magic rush-leaf fan, the gate will open by itself.
Yang Sheng: My dear Master, your power is most wonderful. Can you please give me your fan for use on Earth? I will show the human beings my magic power by using the fan.
JiGong: You must not indulge in vain hopes and immoral thoughts. If you have immoral thoughts you will suffer. Those who practise asceticism need not have magic powers; they must control their mind, and their inner soul must also be steady. In this way, you can be classified as ‘small fairy’. Why then do you want to ask for my fan? You think you want to show off?
Yang Sheng: Alright, Master. I must thank you for teaching me the right thing. I feel  very ashamed. I see a group of people coming, who are they?
JiGong: They are the Officers, Guards and Generals of Wang Si Cheng. Let us go quickly and see what they are doing.
Officer: Welcome JiGong and Yang Sheng of Sheng Xian Tang. Please follow me into the Fort for a look.
General: We also welcome JiGong and Yang Sheng for coming here today. Our office had earlier been informed you would be arriving here for the purpose of writing a book to exhort and teach human beings on Earth.
Yang Sheng (kneeling): I pay my respect to all you officers. Today I arrive here with Master and I request you to kindly explain to me what is happening here.
Officer: I cannot accept your respects; please stand up and follow me into the Fort.
Yang Sheng: This place looks like a prison – so very big. Why are there so many people inside?
Officer: Everyday the souls of those who have met with accidental death are sent here. I will now take you to the first room to see.
Yang Sheng: There are so many babies whose bodies are covered with blood, all of them crying. Some lying down on the ground, so cruel, so pitiful; why not set them free?
General: All these were babies of abortion, whose bodies had already been formed and consequently had souls. That’s why they are here. Their parents were not prepared to give birth to them or they were the result of unmarried parents who restored to abortion to get rid of these unwanted babies. Each being has a life. To get rid of an unwanted baby, the parents have to spend some money. When a baby is aborted the baby’s soul will, of course have resentment and will wait until the parents die so that he can confront them to account for the abortion. So, therefore we must advise human beings not to practise abortion because it not only spoils one’s virtue but also encourages immorality among males and females. But unfortunately for those who previously practiced abortion they have yet a means of redemption. They should henceforth practise virtuous deeds to compensate for their past sins against the innocent baby souls. Then only can their sins be partially excused in the eyes of the Law of Hades.
YangSheng: Can I ask you another question? Is it a fact that the souls of all those who meet with accidental death are also sent here?
General: No. The souls of the soldiers of the Armed Forces who were killed in action sacrificing for their country are specially treated. They are not sent here because such souls are honest, patriotic and righteous. Some are sent to Paradise depending on their past deeds on Earth to answer the divine principle of cause and effect, or to be reborn into good families. There are numerous temples to honor past loyal and patriotic Sages so that human beings can visit and pay their respects. Therefore, I beseech all human beings to be loyal and patriotic to their country so that after death they can be famous and be remembered and worshipped by the future generations.
Yang Sheng: What you have said is very appropriate.
JiGong: From ancient times until now such loyal and patriotic people who had sacrificed their lives for their country were honored and respected, even the world will tremble and devil will weep. Such loyalty and sacrifice for country can be regarded as ascetic practices. Now the time has come for us to return; we will visit again. Yang Sheng, please say goodbye to Officers and General.
Yang Sheng: Thank you Officers and General; we are returning now.
Officer: In case I have not entertained you properly, I hope you JiGong and Yang Sheng will kindly excuse me.
JiGong: You are so courteous, thank you; we must take leave of you. Yang Sheng, quickly get up on the lotus flower platform.
Yang Sheng: Dear Master, I am safely seated.
JiGong: I regret to see that human beings on Earth are very stupid. They fall in love and abort the foetus taking away life, so much so that even Sages cannot bear to see. I earnestly ask human beings to change their thinking and their ways and not commit so much of such sins. Marriage is to perpetuate one generation after another so that there can be ‘home sweet home’. Spiritual love between man and woman is more rewarding than physical love and must be cultivated and encouraged whenever possible. You, therefore have to use your energy to the best advantage for the benefit of your society and human beings. We have reached Sheng Xian Tang. Yang Sheng, please get down. Your soul will return to your body.       
End of Journey No 8