JOURNEY NO 55   -  14th June 1978


            Touring the Tenth Tribunal
Visiting Zhuan Lun Wang
JiGong: Now that we will be touring the Tenth Tribunal, the job of writing Diyu Youji will soon come to an end. All the souls who had gone through the various punishments meted out to them by the 10 Tribunals will be so much confused that, on rebirth, they will not be able to recollect their various incidents and experiences in Hades. But those who are ascetic practitioners should ask themselves what were their previous experiences. If they can answer this, then they can be regarded as perfect, to be able to enter Nirvana. Today, we will tour Hades again, Yang Sheng, step on the lotus flower platform.
Yang Sheng: Wait a moment, I wish to ask dear Master. Some people have enquired; if they wish to print and distribute the Book, Diyu Youji, should they make the offer by praying and burning incense before the Kitchen Deity? But nowadays, most kitchens use gas and electricity for cooking, instead of the old-fashioned clay cooking places which used fire-wood and charcoal. Will the Kitchen Deity be still there to listen to their prayers?
JiGong: Some houses are built of bricks and timber, some are built of concrete – all types are for people to live in. The same reasoning also applies; irrespective of the type and construction and facilities available at the kitchen, no matter whether old-fashioned or ultra modern, the Kitchen Deity will be there. In fact the more clean and modern the kitchen, the Kitchen Deity will feel more happy and comfortable, because there will be less smoke floating about in the kitchen. Everything people eat or drink must generally be prepared in the kitchen. The food and drink we consume, maintain our life and we cannot do without them, day in day out. That is why people say “where there is smoke there is life”. There is a better name for the Kitchen Deity – “Si Ming Zhen Jun” which means the Deity in charge of people’s life and luck for eating. Gas/electric stoves or charcoal/firewood stove serve the same purpose, i.e. they produce life; hence there is another name for the Kitchen Deity which is “Deity of Fire”. There is yet another name “Huo De Xing Jun”. Now, to refer to the burning of the light in front of the Deities – formerly, oil lamps were used but now, electric bulbs are used. A light is a light and Deities do not differentiate the source. However, irrespective of the development of modern science, be it the construction of a multi-storey building, etc, the most important consideration is the existence of spirituality in human beings, then only, will Deities be present. By this same line of reasoning, the Kitchen Deity will be always in the kitchen.
Yang Sheng: Now I begin to understand. Irrespective of the modernity of the present day kitchen, we still have to consume rice, salt, vinegar, sugar, etc. I’m now safely seated on the lotus flower platform; dear Master, we can start now…
JiGong: We’ve arrived. Get down.
Yang Sheng: I see in front of the Tenth Tribunal, as if a big crowd is present to welcome us.
JiGong: Yes. The Tenth Tribunal Zhuan Lun Wang is accompanied by so many Officers and Generals to welcome us. Go and pay your respects quickly.
Yang Sheng: I offer my humble respects to Zhuan Lun Wang. I’m a disciple of Taiwan’s Sheng Xian Tang. We have been ordered to write the Book Diyu Youji and now that we have come to the Tenth Tribunal, may I request you to kindly give us every assistance?
Zhuan Lun Wang: Don’t stand on ceremony. Since you have traversed from the First to the Tenth Tribunal and having done so much good work thereby, you surely have earned much merit. Please follow me inside for a short rest.
Yang Sheng: Thank you very much, Zhuan Lun Wang.
JiGong: We have limited time and so, there is no need to have a rest. Will it be O.K if we have a tour of the Tenth Tribunal instead?
Zhuan Lun Wang: JiGong, we will abide by your wishes.
Yang Sheng: This Tenth Tribunal is specially crowded with so many sinful souls – not so many sinful souls in any of the other Tribunals. Why is this so?
Zhuan Lun Wang: It is because in Hades, ours is the last Tribunal, exactly like all roads leading to a single customs checking station. All souls cleared by the other Tribunals are gathered here awaiting instructions for reincarnation. That is why the crowd is so great. I will now bring you to “Guan Sheng Tai”.
Yang Sheng: I am very much obliged. This Observatory is so high up and the steps lead into the clouds. It will be most tiring to climb up.
JiGong: I’ll lend you a helping hand and assist you up there.
Yang Sheng: Thank you, dear Master
JiGong: To climb up the heavenly stairway, why don’t you use the strength of your heart? Exactly like those ascetic practitioners, if they do not practise and have determination, how can they expect to succeed in their endeavor?
Yang Sheng: We’ve now reached the top. We can hear a lot of voices at a distance, far and wide. What place is it?
JiGong: To reach Guan Sheng Tai, one has to climb up 360 steps. This is Heavenly Observatory and is rather far from Hades. Your vision is still rather limited and so I will cast a bright pearl.
Yang Sheng: Wow, dear Master, your bright pearl has worked wonders. I can see very clearly now. However far away, I can now see clearly, it is like seeing things from Heaven towards the Earth. The scenes, North, South, East, West, are totally different. In one direction, it is like where Americans live, the scene is exactly like what is shown in the cinemas.
JiGong: You are right; this place is really America. In Heavenly Observatory, one can see every place on Earth. The transmigration of souls meted out by the various Ten Tribunals as a result of cause and effect, is like Heaven casting flower in all directions, those fated to be reborn as worms will be reborn worms; those fated to be reborn as animals will be reborn as animals; those fated to be reborn as human beings will be reborn as human beings, so on and so forth. Now that we have seen this Observatory, we can return to Hades.
Yang Sheng: Very well.
JiGong: It is getting late. There are many more offices in the Tenth Tribunal and so we have to return some other time to continue our tour. Now you can say goodbye to Zhuan Lun Wang.
Zhuan Lun Wang: Since your time is up, I will not hold you any longer. I will order the Officers to line up to send you off.
JiGong: Yang Sheng, step on the lotus flower platform.
Yang Sheng: I’m safely seated, dear Master, we can proceed.
JiGong: We’ve arrived at Sheng Xian Tang. Yang Sheng, get down. Soul, return to your body.


End of Journey No 55