JOURNEY NO 62   -   30th July 1978

Visiting Di Zang Wang Pusa, and
Celebrating the Completion of Diyu Youji
JiGong: Today is a happy and auspicious day. Our two years of hard work obtaining material for our Book, Diyu Youji ends today. This rare Book discloses the truth about human beings. Perhaps there are people who do not believe, but reading this Book is exactly like looking at the movies, scene by scene. I hope that those who read this Book will believe what it tries to convey and will not have any doubts whatsoever. You must realize that “birth” has a small beginning whereas “death” has unlimited continuity which is also omen of birth. You must not think that after death, everything is over. In your periodical visits to Hades, you must have seen that, from ancient times until present day, souls of people who, when alive, had observed filial piety, chastity and loyalty, after death, their souls had a certain brightness which will lead them to Heaven to be respected forever by human beings. But those, who when living went against moral obligations, justice and righteousness, after death, their souls became tarnished and dirty and were sent to the Prisons in Hades to be punished and to undergo sufferings. I do hope that human beings, after reading Diyu Youji will be inspired and will not take the evil path but instead, will follow the righteous one. Today will be our last visit to Hades. Yang Sheng, be more alert, dress properly in preparation to receive your reward.
Yang Sheng: Dear Master, I cannot express my happiness. Our job is about to be completed and so we can afford to relax.
JiGong: When there’s a will, there’s a way! It is not that Heaven will not help you to achieve success. Step on the lotus flower platform quickly.
Yang Sheng: I observe that today, the lotus flower platform is especially big and has splendorous brightness.
JiGong: This lotus flower platform has served us well for two years, ferrying us to and from Hades and Earth, and has grown in size attaining certain brightness thereby.
Yang Sheng: Oh! I see it is so mysterious…
JiGong: We’ve arrived. Yang Sheng, get down.
Yang Sheng: Wow! The field is so big and so busy in front of us. Heavenly music can be heard non-stop. The spacious ground is laid out with so many jade-engraved tables. There are so many beings, never seen before, moving about; some wearing religious robes, some novices of various religious orders, some scholars, some dressed in foreign clothes. I don’t know from what countries they come from.
JiGong: Because Diyu Youji is now about to be completed, the Head of Hades has specially arranged for the front ground of the Palace of Di Zang to be laid out with many tables for dinner. Today, we are the guests of honor. Look – Di Zang Wang Pusa, Deities, Saints, Novices, Scholars, Guests, have arrived to welcome us. Go in front and pay your respects quickly.
Yang Sheng: My respects to Di Zang Wang Pusa and all Honorable Sirs. I am Taiwan Sheng Xian Tang’s pupil of Guan Di. I have been ordered to follow JiGong to Hades to gather material for the Book, Diyu Youji. I thank Di Zang Wang Pusa for your mercy in allowing all Officers in the Prisons of Hades to give me unlimited assistance in writing the Book. Today, our mission is about to be accomplished and I have specially followed our Master, JiGong, to come here to offer my thanks to you all. I must thank the Head of Hades for his generosity in ordering this sumptuous dinner and I feel very frightened.
Di Zang Wang Pusa: Yang Sheng, arise. Indeed, you and JiGong had been put to much inconvenience. Your intention of saving humanity through the Book is truly what is difficult to achieve is estimable – when one man does something quite out of the ordinary; I have this day specially arranged for this dinner to celebrate your virtuous deeds and the completion of your Book. May I invite both of you to come and occupy the seats of honor?
Yang Sheng: I am not worthy of such compliments.
JiGong: Today, Di Zang Wang Pusa has specially arranged the dinner in our honor and so we should not decline the invitation. Because of our two years of hard work, the glory is very great. Therefore, follow me to the dinner table.
Yang Sheng: Dear Master, I will follow you. As time passes, more guests continue to arrive. An aura of brightness emits from the heads of all those present. I think they are all very devout practitioners.
Di Zang Wang Pusa: Today’s dinner is to celebrate the completion of Diyu Youji. Because Hades is accepted and recognized by all religions, the founders of Confucianism, Taoism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and other new religions and ascetic practitioners are all invited to this dinner. Therefore, all Deities, Saints and Sages of Heaven are gathered here to participate. Yao Chi Jin Mu has presented Heavenly peaches and Heavenly nectar for this occasion. Yang Sheng, you are really lucky.
Yang Sheng: I thank all Heavenly bodies for having protected and taken good care of me. At the moment Heavenly music can be heard.
Di Zang Wang Pusa: The dinner is about to commence and the founders of all religions and the Goddess of Mercy have arrived.
Goddess of Mercy: Today, we are privileged to have JiGong and Yang Sheng here with us.
Yang Sheng: I kneel to pay my humble respects to Goddess of Mercy.
Di Zang Wang Pusa: Now, we will start the dinner; so play the heavenly music…Blessings to all! Everyone present is a heavenly honored guest making our place here so full of brilliance. Sheng Xian Tang has received Yu Di’s Order to write the Book to urge human beings to do good. JiGong is very jovial and when human beings see him, they feel very happy. The words coming from him are like wonderful remedy. He can raise the dead to live again. That is why Yu Di has chosen him for this mission because he is very familiar with the routine in Hades and also the wonders of Buddhist spells. He is also very talented. On the other hand, Yang Sheng is the leading planchette handler of Sheng Xian Tang. His spiritual nature is clear and bright. He has attained great merits and gratitude by following JiGong to tour Hades, visiting all the Ten Tribunals and Prisons. Now that the Book is completed we will celebrate the achievement by holding this dinner. Also in the Spiritual Realm here, there is no differentiation between any religion, and also all round friendly feeling prevails with spirit of harmony where universal principle of unselfishness exists side by side with justice and equality. I hope all human beings will cultivate morality of Confucius and Mencius, otherwise moral obligations will be damaged, resulting ultimately in human beings becoming uncivilized and savage – this will then be an end to civilization. The universal principle should be; abundant public-spirit to govern all aspects under the sky. Then only can Utopia be promoted and become a reality resulting in human beings attaining happiness. (dinner has started)
JiGong: Yang Sheng, don’t be shy. This nectar is heavenly dew and if taken with Yao Chi Jin Mu’s heavenly peach, will make one stronger and attain long life.
Yang Sheng: Thank you, dear Master, I’ll not be shy. With this rare opportunity, I’ll eat the more….
Di Zang Wang Pusa: Welcome with respects. Lu Chun Yang Zu Shi has arrived.
Lu Zu: No need to be so ceremonious, Di Zang Wang. Yu Di has asked me to bring this citation roll for Yang Sheng to take back as reward to Sheng Xian Tang for writing the Book.
Yang Sheng: Thanks for the Divine favor.
Di Zang Wang Pusa: Lu Zu, would you kindly join us for dinner?
Lu Zu: Thank you…
Di Zang Wang Pusa: As time is rather limited and in case we have not entertained you well enough, I beg all Deities and Saints present to kindly pardon me. I am very happy that JiGong and Yang Sheng are able to join us for today’s dinner. I’m very happy indeed. By using planchette writing as a means of teaching people to do good deeds is obedience to Heaven and bestows blessing to mankind. The completion of the Book, Diyu Youji is mainly due to the holy spirit of ancient sages transmitted by planchette writing by means of the willow branch. Human beings must realize that those in Heaven are very much concerned for their welfare. They must observe moral principle, fairness, justice, when dealing with fellow human beings. Otherwise, after death, their souls will have to suffer in Hades. For your information,
Di Cang Wang Pusa is used in Buddhism
Feng Du Da Di is used in Taoism
And for Hades, it is called “Feng Du Di Yu”
Human beings do not know this and now that the Book is completed, the above additional information and explanation are given.
JiGong: My lotus flower platform is now floating in mid-air. For the past two years this lotus platform has been very useful in bringing us to and from Hades and Earth, without which, it would not be possible to write this Book. I have nothing to give Yang Sheng, and so I’ll give this lotus flower platform to him as a token of remembrance. I hope Yang Sheng will take good care of it.
Yang Sheng: Thank you, dear Master, for giving me this lotus flower platform which I don’t think I deserve! I will follow everything you have taught me and I hope you will continue to help me and always instruct me.
JiGong: Buddha is always near you. If you can follow the teachings of Buddha, you will, one day, become a Buddha yourself.
Di Zang Wang Pusa: This bottle of nectar I want Yang Sheng to bring back to Sheng Xian Tang for the members to drink to compensate for their two years of hard work! Those who print the Book for distribution and those who tell others about it favorably reported upon by roving Deities and Saints or when they go to Hades and the Deity-in-charge there will place the merits on record for future reference. When anyone prays for benefits, etc, his prayers/requests will be verified with his record. I would, therefore, advise people, for their own good, to print copies of this Book for distribution. Benefits derived from telling people to do good are limitless. Finally, I would like to congratulate Sheng Xian Tang and wish them every success and prosperity.
JiGong: Yang Sheng, get ready to return to Sheng Xian Tang.
Yang Sheng: I wish to thank Yu Di, Di Zang Wang, Dear Master and all Deities, Saints here for instructing me. I will not forget your kindness. Goodbye.
JiGong: Hold the bottle of nectar carefully. This is present for two years of hard work.
Yang Sheng: I’ll hold it tight to prevent it from falling. The citation roll is also safely kept. I’m safely seated on the lotus flower platform. We can start now for home.
JiGong: For whom do we take the trouble, and for whom do we undertake this work? Yin Yang Jie, Gui Men Guan and other places in Hades had been visited during the last two years. It is like casting a brick, hoping to get a jade in return. I expect human beings to avoid evil doings and turn to good. Our job is finished. What remains is to see the fruits of the teachings as laid in our Book. We have completed the mission entrusted to us and our responsibility is over. To take up ascetic practice, it depends entirely upon the individual; we cannot force him to do it. To fall down to Hades or to ascend to Heaven is the choice of the person himself. I will reiterate. Human beings should be like the lotus flower – grow in filthy pond but the flower is still pure!
We’ve arrived at Sheng Xian Tang.
Yang Sheng, get down.
Soul, return to your body.
I and Yu Xu Tong Zi will now return to Heaven and submit our report.


End of Journey No 62
End of Journeys to the Underworld.