Just a Sneeze and the Three Letters


Through a young purified lady
The Holy Being said
Over a period of 60,000 years
You have gone through at least 1,000 lives time
And over this period many of you have been monks or nuns before
A life cycle is comparatively very short
Some not even last a sneeze
Some just a blink of the eye
Some just a flick of a second
An old man just remembered when he was a boy yesterday
Never wait for tomorrow to change for the better
Tomorrow may never come
If you think you are still young to leave a good life, then listen
A sinful soul, after passing away
Asked the Emperor of the underworld
Why there was no warning and then his life was taken away
The Emperor told him that he had already sent him three letters
The sinful soul answered
I did not receive any warning letters
So the Emperor said
When your eyesight blurred, that was the first letter
When your teeth loosened, that was the second letter
When your hair turned grey, that was the third letter
Unfortunately you did not understand my message
So whatever age we are
Remember, we are never too young to change
May a sneeze remind us
A lifetime could just be a sneeze
And the three letters
Remind us it is time to change
Buddha said:
"Half the graveyard is of young people
Coffin does not only contain old people
It contains dead people."
This is how we are lost in a poem by JiGong:
"The misty drizzle and the clouds have veiled the stars
The seven emotions, six desires and material desires
Have shaded the spiritual nature
When clouds are dispersed, stars regain their brilliance
When desires are expelled, one beholds and sees the inner being."
When we have already received any of the letters
Or aware that one day the letters will come
Understand fast that the clouds have already shaded our good hearts
Before a sneeze could happen and thatís the end.