The Letter from Home – By Lao Mu

The Home of the souls is the destination for a person to return to the roots; it is the origin, it is the Kingdom of Gods. The word faith means to be truthful. Faith is the origin of Tao, virtues and merits.

The letter from Home is written by Lao Mu in blood whose full title is “The infinite Bright God, who is absolutely pure, is the utmost supreme and divine, reigns the three domains and ten directions, and is the lord of all souls” The three domains are the domain of desires, domain of images and the domain of non-images.
The letter is written in Mandarin in a poetic form that is very profound and not easy to understand. May God have Mercy for my attempt to summarize it in plain and simple English so that the non-Mandarin reading people may have a chance to read it. I beg for Mercy if my interpretation is not exactly explained in the right manner because it was said whoever cannot comprehend the letter will find it extremely difficult to return Home.