Live this Day


Yesterday is but a dream
And tomorrow is only a vision
But today well-lived
Makes every yesterday a dream of happiness
And every tomorrow a vision of hope
Let the past be bygone
Worry not over the future
The future will know
How to take care of itself
If you live right this day
A day of peace
A day of helping people to smile
A day to quench the thirst of others
A day to stop the hungry stomach of others
A day to ease the pain of others
Live this day and live it well
Inner peace will grow in you
You will have inner holiness
And outer kindness
Human will love you
God will admire you
You will have abundant love
No money can buy this joy
To experience it
You have to do it
Make the first step
Start with your easiest step
Step by step, you will soon reach
The door of Heaven
When the door of earth is closed.
JiGong said:
"Whenever you encounter difficulties
You may read the sutra of Hui Neng, the sixth Patriarch
Because in the sutra
Every single word can make you see
Your nature or inner being
Every single word is enlightening."
Make it a better day
Read the sutra even when you are feeling happy
You will get to understand better about Tao
The sutra and stanza are fantastic
Make the first step
A new day and live this day right.