After a certain age if a person is not married
There is always fear of loneliness and shame to be lonely
Loneliness is sufferings in silence
Consolation is that he does not have emotional burdens
And the burden of feeding and taking care of the family
When he looks at a happy family
There is always a wish, how beautiful if he has a family too
Many will look for places to search for one
Many will pray to have one
For those who have a family and not a happy one
Sometimes will want to get out of it
So when we look at it
Those who do not have it, want to have it
Those who have it, want to get out of it
There are many reasons for loneliness
From physical appearance to the way a person talks
You have to work and earn a partner
But sometimes no matter how hard a person tries
He will still be lonely until the day he dies
This is something to do with the past
The seen and the unseen past
The cause and effect indicates that
If we selfishly take away people’s spouse
The future or the next life
One will live a lonely life
With this realization
It is hoped that to avoid loneliness
Undo the wrong, repent and work towards righteousness
Any mistake done is done
May God have mercy if one repents
And take away the loneliness
You may be always alone
But never lonely.
In the cultivation of Tao
We can be lonely at times but must keep on going
This is a poem from JiGong:
"You are a lonely boat in the bitter sea of life
I am (the teacher) the clear wind on the sea
How I wish I could twine around you day and night
Pushing you and protecting you to go forward
Going forward!"
If we are lonely because of Tao
It has great meaning
If not, then it is sufferings.