When you lose some money, you lose nothing
When you lose a friend, you lose something
When you lose your reputation, you lose almost everything
When you lose your mind, you lose everything
Mind is the soul of our life
Protecting the mind is protecting the soul
Developing the mind is developing the soul
Buddha says
Right mindfulness
The meaning of the mind is the ability
To be aware of things
Right mindfulness is to advise us
To be aware of things around us and treat them peacefully
Do not be cruel to other living beings
They have feelings just like us
If fire burns them, the pain is the same
If boiling water is pour on them, they too scream with pain
If cut or hurt, blood too flows out
Be gentle to them and those who are wild or fierce
Usually they do not attack human, unless provoked
If they are attacked for no apparent reason
Then there is something to do with the past life
They could be great enemies
In one form or another
We have heard of dogs killing people
Snakes or poisonous reptiles killing or eating people
And wild animals killing people
With right mindfulness
We won’t lose our mind or
Suffer such terrible death
Unless it is so serious that Heaven cannot even help
It has to be repaid
For the last time, the last life
Some people are under delusion and thought that they have enlightened
Chinese says: "Buddha nature exits, Demon enters."
They have actually lost their Buddha nature
Chi Sheung, a student of Hui Neng, who once felt that his mind was enlightened said:
"He who is puffed up by the slightest impression,
‘I am now enlightened’
Is no better than he was when under delusion
Had I not put myself at the feet of the Patriarch
I should have been bewildered without knowing
The right way to go"
Do not be under the wrong impression and be lost.