Magic Mirror


In the underworld, there is a magic mirror
This mirror is a combination
Of supernatural powers of Heaven and Earth
The supreme computer
It can reproduce every bad deed a person has done
It is the recording of all individual’s inner soul
Much like the CPU of a computer
It can store endless recording
All karmic energies of a person
Are transmitted into the mirror like a screen
A human being from birth to death
Knows through his inner soul
Every good and bad deed he has done
Because he has his own intelligence and conscience
Of what is right and what is wrong
Like a camera which snaps up everything
When a sinful soul is judged in the underworld
The magic mirror will show proof of the sins
The sinful soul cannot deny
Because it reflects all misdeeds done
And sentence is passed according to the sins committed
On earth, the accused may deny and defend
But not in Hell
Good souls do not need to face the magic mirror
Their reward is joy and peace up there
When we wake up in the morning
And look into the mirror
It is hope that it is not the magic mirror
Because death can be so sudden and like a dream
Do not wake up from a nightmare
And realize it is your new life
Endless nightmare one after another
Twenty-four hours a day without ‘holiday’
Now we can understand better the word ‘holiday’
A day of rest, peace and joy
Take a holiday? Why not!
Better if it is forever, I am tired of working…..
But be careful with life
Each time you look into the mirror