Manifestation of Punishment in Hell


In one of the Holy seminars in Taiwan
A group of university graduates from USA attended
Not believing Tao, they brought along their camera
When the Holy spirit came through the young lady
He asked them to snap photographs
The camera was aimed at an opened space
The Holy spirit said
You shall see in the photographs
The manifestation of punishment in hell
Believe it or not is up to you
The photographs here are for your realization
That what our eyes cannot see
Can really exist
May these photographs wake us up
That punishment in hell is real
As written in the Bible
One shall scream and gnash their teeth
The pain is real
The fire is real
There is no mercy in hell
The photographs are real
I have seen manifestation of the suffering soul from hell
It is hair rising to hear the scream
It is with great sadness to see such pains and sufferings
It is deep realization that human must not do great sin on earth
With these photographs
Situation like this can happen to anyone for thousands of years
Even the beggar on earth is considered lucky
You have to see it
You have to hear it
The sound of deep pain and groan of human
In Hell
With faith in God
Maybe you will see it
Maybe you will hear it
Never be too late
It is precious
For your great awakening
To the truth
About Heaven and Hell.