Manifestation Of The White Sun


A beautiful clear sky in the morning of 21/11/97 around 7.38 a.m. in Kuala Lumpur. I saw the appearance of the White Sun for the second time. I was driving to work using the Kuala Lumpur to Subang Jaya highway where after a curve along the highway branching into the lane into Subang Jaya, a short distance right in front of my view was a mountain surrounded by a heavenly mist scenery only in that area. Right on top of the mountain, an extraordinary big and not glaring White Sun was there. I stared at it with deep feeling for two to three second and the next moment the glare of the sun came and then the manifestation of Heavenly White Sun appeared right before my eyes.

The White Sun was twinkling with light purple colour and the mist gave a very special Heavenly effect and glow. I blinked my eyes many times to ensure I was not seeing things but the twinkling continued for about eight seconds. Then I could not stare anymore because of the glare. The outer circumference of the White Sun was light purple in colour, with this I understand I have to end this book, entitled the White Sun with this beautiful moment in time.
The beginning of the end of the age
Here is the sign from above
Explained in the CROSS and by Buddha
Whether you are black or white
High priest or ordinary layperson
In you there is a divine being
To be saved for eternity
Ending all sufferings of life
Saviour is Maitreya Buddha
Unless you receive the three Heavenly treasures
No beings will escape the final catastrophe









The purple White Sun which I saw on 21/11/97