Manifestations of the Golden Thread











All photographs shown here are manifestations of The Golden Thread. They are all real and to confirm 5,000 years of Heavenly plan by Lao Mu (God). In these 5,000 years there are sixty (64) Patriarchs explained in the page under the title The Golden Thread.

These lines of fire, unseen to our eyes are all taken at the Temples of Tao of Heaven. It is a very important part of the teaching of Tao of Heaven because it relates to the Bible which said that the time will come where there will be the Baptism of the fire and the holy spirit for eternity of the soul. The fire is this line of fire which connects to Heaven.

 This line of fire to those who could see it, starts from the tip of the candle light right up to Heaven where they could not even see the ceiling of the building.