Many Wives


There are countless men with many wives
And some of them cannot even recognize their children
There was a case of a man in the Middle East
While shopping with his wives and children
A small girl grabbed the hand of the man with many wives
The little girl said
I want to buy something
Then the man told her to ask her father
The little girl said
But you are my father
What a joke, but it is true
There is greediness in love
Some already have but want more
Some do not have and are desperate for it
Some have it but not satisfied
And some, love just simply dies after having it
Love is strange, there must be some chemistry
If it is just for satisfaction, it is lust
It is not wrong to fall in love
Because it is real, the world is real
Human have feelings and there is feeling of love
It is sad to say
Food and love are one of the main problems in life
Because of food and love, people fight
If it comes, it comes, thatís Godís gift
If there is none, do not be desperate
And so do not blame anyone or God
Live a life as it is and try to give love
By showing kindness, generosity and rightful acts
Love will flow in
Do not be greedy and look for more
If you already have one
It is not easy to take care of one and the children
If more, then there are more to take care of and it is not cheap
Towards the end of age, when all are old
I wonder how it will be like
To be surrounded by old ladies, if they are grumpy
And who may not be able to get along well with
And they are all your wives
With no more excitements
Will it be a heavy burden?
JiGong said:
"The greatest sadness in a manís life is to have a spiteful wife and an unfilial son."
What if many spiteful wives?