Master JiGong
Master JiGong is the Heavenly teacher of TAO
His full name is Ji-Gong-Huo-Fo
Ji means ‘to HELP’
Gong means ‘being SELFLESS’
Huo means ‘LIVING’
Fo means ‘BUDDHA’ or ‘One’s Heavenly Heart and Pure Nature’
Therefore JiGong Hou Fo means – The living Buddha who helps selflessly
He said,
‘We wish to help the world and save people
We wish to transform and carry the world’s numerous beings
Across the bitter sea of life and death
We can only do this with a ‘selfless heart’
Because a selfless heart is not a dead heart
It is a living and Heavenly heart’
He further said,
‘Because everybody has extreme selfishness and extreme prejudice           
And since people have selfishness and prejudice                                         
They cannot sacrifice for the numerous beings
In all respect, they only think of themselves
In all events, they only think of themselves
This cannot be a Heavenly heart
This is a selfish heart’
He asked,
Who is the teacher?
Who is the disciple?
‘Teacher is your own Heavenly truth and conscience
Disciple is your own lost and misty heart.
Everyone has two types of hearts
A good type and a bad type
You all have a good and kindly heart
That always stays together with the bad heart
It is always like that
Then your good heart is the teacher
And the bad heart is the disciple
Teacher must teach disciple
And disciple must listen to the sayings of the teacher’
Thank be to such Heavenly advice.


Master JiGong