Mega Bucks


There are actors, sportsmen, businessmen, politicians….etc
Who can control mega bucks
With the same effort put in, mega bucks flow in
And there are people
Who work everyday from 5.00am to midnight
Earning a miserable income that could hardly feed oneself
Opportunity to earn and have a better life
Depends on where one is born
The place of birth gives opportunity to earn either
Mega bucks or mini bucks
Buddha says
If a person has done good deeds
In his next rebirth he will be born
In a land where it is peaceful
The king is kind and no civil war
Opportunity to earn a living is easy…..
And he shall get to understand the truth
And have profound knowledge and wisdom
If in this life we have to slog
From morning till night in order to have three meals
Do not despair
It could be a blessing to develop spiritually
So as to transcend the cycle of birth and death
Every suffering is a Buddha seed
Likewise in the land of opportunity
The wealthy and the poor are together
The poor actually have more opportunity
To transcend the cycle of birth and death
Followed by the wealthy and then the high officials
Do not compare
And do not worry whether you earn
Mega bucks or Mini bucks
In one of the holy seminars some time ago in Taiwan
A simple man with small business
Was told by JiGong that one day he would be in mega-business
Business to deal with the air and sea
Then after many years, he owns airlines and many container ships
His flight engineers must be vegetarians
Every of his ships has got a Tao temple in it
He is a Tao master and a great sponsor and supporter of Tao
How did he become so rich?
It was because of his great generous heart in his past life
He donated a lot of timber wood to build a huge temple in China, said JiGong
Big heart, big bucks and mega bucks are for sure.