Goddess of Mercy said,
"Let thousand of people
Receive the light of mercifulness
Let thousand of people
Bathe in the great grace of Heaven
Let thousand of people
Transcend from the sea of the sufferings
Do not compare with others
Do not compete with others
Establish a right objective
Do not hesitate and do not hinder yourself
Accept the suffering and live with the suffering
Feel the tragedies of mankind
Give joyousness wherever required
Mankind is drowning into the sea of sufferings
So Buddha vowed to ferry all those
Who were drowning into the world of bliss
Without mercifulness, there will be no Buddha
All beings are equal
Do not distinguish between one another
Do not be lost in the pursuit of materialism and desires
Show mercy, in return you shall receive mercy"
In a holy seminar on 25/10/03 in Teluk Intan, Malaysia
The Goddess of Mercy manifested and gave a message to a devotee:
"Put down your knife, you can be a Buddha"
Later we realized that the devotee that she spoke to
Owned a restaurant and was a cook (including meat)
This devotee came to my vegetarian restaurant later one day and told me
After receiving Tao he felt guilty cooking meat
And since Goddess of Mercy told him that
He had started taking vegetarian food
And thinking of doing vegetarian business instead of meat
Then in another holy seminar, JiGong asked a group of devotees
"If there is a boat in the middle of the sea
Which can only keep afloat with 10 people
If there are 11 people and one of them is Goddess of Mercy
What do you think Goddess of Mercy will do?"
The immediate answer was Goddess of Mercy would jump into the sea
In order to save the 10 people; then another question
"What if the 11 people were 11 of you?"
There was no answer. Then JiGong said by demonstrating using his leg to kick:
"Maybe one of you will kick one down. Thatís human.
Be like Goddess of Mercy
Can you?" All quiet. Very human.