Mi-Le Buddha is the Chinese name for Maitreya Buddha.

This is the Mi-Le True Sutra known as:

(mi le jiu ku zhen jing)

Mi-le Buddha's Scripture for rescue of Disaster

Every line of the sutra has seven Chinese words below in red

(translated into English to benefit the English reading people, any mistake kindly forgive the translator)

fo shuo mi le jiu ku jing

Sakyamuni's preaching about Mi-le Buddha's scripture for "rescue of disaster."

mi le xia shi bu fei qing

Mi-le's descending to world, it implies his heavy burden for converting people from getting lost and being destroyed in "The End of The World", namely, "Last Disaster". He should be here because of Heavenly Lao-Mu's Decree, so it shouldn't be ignored.

ling bao qi lu ling shan di

He received three treasures and lead the Tao, which is transmitted from Shan-dong Province of all masters collected.

nian hua ying zheng kao san sheng

We should be selected through serious test to be qualified, like that of Chia-yieh's smiling while he picked up flower, to imply that he earned the Tao celestially, with heart to heart.

luo zai zhong yuan san xing di

With three treasures to fall upon our "Heart" also call it "Crux", from this "Center" to achieve Tao.

da zheng si chuan wang tao xin

To testify that eyes, ears, nose, mouth of four windows should be closed, but not to allow our desires ceaselessly flooding; also to confirm our decision with determination, make the Tao heart as hard as nut core.

tian zhen shou yuan gua sheng hao

With two Buddha's help (Tian is Tian Jen Buddha, and Jen is Su en Buddha) they came to help "Mi-le" for achieving "perfect End" or "perfect Reaping", so that people can cancel house-hold from Hell, and register new life in Heaven.

deng dai shi zhi dian shen bing

The Great Tao choose Exact Hour to descend, meanwhile, Satan came to disturb our globe. That's why our ancestors wish their descendants to convert their souls; even creditors fight for claiming to whatever we may owe to them. That's why we are waiting for twenty eight stars to Defend the Heavenly Law.

yun lei zhen kai wu ji tu

Cloud is water, thunder is fire, we human-beings with reincarnated spirit to come to fetus, if not through pastors to introduce three treasures, how can we avoid reincarnation? God uses water and thunder to cleave "the fifth and sixth celestial stems" to insist His truth to root in deeply in our heart.

tian xia shen gui bu an ning

Just because it's such a precious Tao, that all gods and ghosts are eager to search for people with affinity to surpass and convert them. Since they have lost their bodies, it seems hopeless to be surpassed before the end of world, so all spirits are upset and impatient.

qin zai ren tian zhong hua mu

With hogging "symbolic seal", people will then think of Lao-Mu in Heaven. Usually we misunderstood that we came to the world from Hell, now that we have learned that Great Tao fell upon Republic of China, that our master's wife is called "China Sacred Mother."

jiu lian sheng jiao gui shang sheng

Since we can be testified as to ascend to nine Lily terrace, this is beyond any other religion, thus Heaven is secretly searching for sages to be implemented in Hand, for being number on concern of disciples.

tian hua lao mu cui yu xian

Tian is Li-tian; Hua is Lily; billion of people, are just like lilies waiting for Golden Thread to hook for disciples.

shou yuan xian hua zai gu dong

Right now we are catering widely converting period, for the "Achieving perfect Day " to come. The ancient sacred province "Shan-dong" is nation's special pearl, it always gets supernatural power to rescue the later day saints.

nan bei liang ji lian zong xu

The southern and northern factions are branched out. The sixth patriarch Hui-Neng insisted oral transmission, means to gain before cultivation; while Shen-Xiou insisted to cultivate before gaining. Mi-le Buddha reveals Heavenly tact: "What is unique?" Just that point at crux, then thousands of branches would be united as "One."

hun yuan gu ce zai zhong yang

After chaos, human being were born, people's soul (self-Buddha) is fallen by God. He chooses Crux, center of body to be Buddhist characters. Unless to be polluted by environment, we can register the way (center) of returning to Heaven.

lao mu jiang xia tong tian qiao

The more the developing of science, the more the ignorant of morality. Satan creates killing weapons, nuclear, rocket, to accelerate "end of the world." Our Lao-Mu just can't stand seeing the kind and the bad all destroyed at the same time. So She bestows a golden thread to our Crux to favor Her children to be passable to Heaven.

wu ying shan qian dui he tong

"The No Shadow Mountain" is also called "Spiritual Tower, Double Tree, or Purple Bamboo Wood King of Soul". Now we have received crux pointing, meanwhile should also receive symbolic seal, to be ready for passing through "Three Frontier Entrance to Heaven", to verify a guaranty from Lao-Mu (God).

ying er yao xiang gui jia qu

God calls us Children. We were all from the Mother, thus why we call ourselves the nine billion of "Heavenly Children". Lao-Mu mercifully tells if we wish to return to Li-tian, it is just the only one chance from the past sixty thousand years.

chi nian dang lai mi le jing

From last paragraphs we have learned two treasures, now we need one more; Mi-le's "Wordless Scripture." The real scripture should not be written down on any paper; if only we keep it in mind, and hug the symbolic child in heart, then "the three treasures" can be accomplished.

yong xin chi nian fo lai jiu

After soliciting to Tao, we should earnestly recite, and read wordless scripture silently. Any time we meet trouble, Mi-le Buddha would send fairies to rescue us, we have His words.

duo duo jin lian qu chao sheng

Each piece of Lily is symbol of Bai-yang cultivator. To finish learning in this world, we can have Lilies blossoming in Heavenly Ponds.

shi de xi lai bai yang zi

Definitely we affirm that Bai-yang Period is Mi-le Buddha to rule Heavenly Court, and Master Chang with his wife to be the two founders, thus we should be diligent under the Bai-yang Period.

xiang er dian tie hua cheng jin

Don't be fretful or give up yourselves, wait until you gain the "perfect symbol" of One, like one point at iron.

mei ri zhi xin chang chi nian

Obediently chant with our "Tao-heart" and "the Three Treasures", and recite daily, don't slow down.

san zai ba nan bu lai qing

All sorts of disaster or calamities won't attack us. There are three disasters: water, fire, wind; Eight calamities: drought, flood, hunger, plague, locust, fierce animal.

yao xiang cheng fo qin li bai

Not only to hug Tao in mind firmly, but also never keep distance with Altar. Try to convert people enthusiastically, to prove you are Buddha yourselves.

chang chi cong ming zhi hui xin

To use ears, eyes, to observe the changing world, also to observe thousands of religious attack, then to distinguish right from wrong.

xiu ting xie ren hu shuo hua

Lao-Mu's wise scheme said: even the fake master show up in Later Day, we should be alert to defend, don't pay attention to nonsense.

lao shuan yi ma nian wu sheng

Be calm and tie up our absent-minded idea, to connect our Tao heart to cater Heaven's Will, to grow patience and perseverance.

lao mu jiang xia zhen tian zhou

Lao-Mu bestows the wordless sutra, as if nothing is really left.

yong xin chi nian you shen tong

With all our heart to recite, to yield, Lao-Mu and angels would descend to answer your problems.

man tian xing dou dou xia shi

The moment catastrophes descend to curse the world, all gods with stars would descend to "East Dust World" to protect.

wu fang lie xian xia tian gong

Fairies from five directions would be away from Heavenly Palace, to relieve, all are mobilized.

ge fang cheng huang lai dui hao

All city gods will come to check house-hold, who ever gets serious in Tao, would be Heaven's beloved child, could be saved accordingly.

bao shi ling tong cha de qing

We have Law-protecting Officiate and Inspired Minor to report our activities.

san guan ci bei da di zhu

The three gods: Tian-guan to bestow blessing, Di-guan to spare our crime, and Shei-guan to get rid of our distress.

she zui san cao jiu zhong sheng

We can repent our sin, can be spared by Heaven if we work hard with seventy percent, God would make up another thirty percent, to achieve perfection.

jiu ku tian zun lai jiu shi

This is the period of Tao and distress existing at the same time also it's called clear up period, that is why we meet test, but not distress. Lao-Mu sends rescue God to overcome adversity.

qin dian wen bu jie di shen

The officiate god checks up one by one of the angels. Make sure to lead each one of them and rescue.

ba da jin gang lai hu fa

The eight great Jin-gang all descend to guard our altar, to assist Tao's Assignment.

si wei pu sa jiu zhong sheng

With Guan-yin, Yue-hui, Wen-shu, and Pu-sien, the four Great Bodhisattvas, all come to save this tumultuous world enthusiastically.

jin ling san shi liu yuan jiang

The officiate god also brings thirty-six powerful generals to come along to help.

wu bai ling guan jin sui gen

Another five hundred inspire officers to come to wait upon demand are all mobilized.

fu zhu mi le cheng da dao

You will see this time of disaster will be worse than nuclear power. It will be water, fire and wind all assemble together to support Mi-le's ruling over the Tao-plate.

bao you xiang er de an ning

In order to keep nine billion people from being destroyed, wish to give mankind peace and safe.

bei fang zhen wu wei jiang shuai

This period is specially for Tao and distress to fall together. Angels and Satan fighting against each other, so the Northern Military General comes to lead, to punish devils.

qing lian hong fa xian shen tong

The military general to show up in green face and red hair to frighten those Satan's soldiers and beat them down.

che qi zao qi zhe ri yue

Hang on the Black flag to cover the sky, to make it all in darkness, easy to subdue demons.

tou ding sen luo qi bao xing

The military general, He put on majestic crown, with Northern Seven Stars to shine upon His crown, ready to arm.

wei zhen bei fang wei shuai shou

His solemn appearance, with dignified spirit can suppress Satan's disciples.

su qing zhu e gua jia bing

Once the devils die out, they can't threaten with swords and knives any more.

da jiu yuan ren xiang er nv

Once the Northern Jen-wo Buddha to conquer all ghosts, He can save the nine billion Heavenly children of us.

huo guang luo di hua wei chen

This time of nuclear war is so awful, all creatures include buildings would become dust, except the cultivators.

si hai long wang lai zhu dao

In addition to army and air force, there should be torpedo, thus the ocean god will come to rescue.

ge jia xiang yun qu teng kong

All gods will drive the cloud to save those who would be on fleet on in the airline.

shi fang tian bing hu fo jia

Even all directions of Heavenly soldiers would come together to support Buddha to manage this period of Big Affair.

bao you mi le qu cheng gong

Wish to protect Mi-le Buddha's achievement in ruling the "Last Heavenly Plate."

hong yang liao dao gui jia qu

Hong-yang (red) Period is ruled by Sakyamuni, His assignment is achieved, and return to Heavenly Home already, so no one's family to hang His photo any longer.

zhuan dao san yang mi le zun

Right now the third period just to meet "The End of the World". After achieving in "perfect round", we have another ten thousand and eight hundred years to live till "shen-hui" this is to ratio people's morality in surpassing the test or net.

wu huang chi ling ji xia sheng

For the decree from Heaven, all gods hurry to earth to convert people. Like Tian-jen Buddha, Yue-hui Buddha, hastily and willingly.

shou fu nan yan qui zheng zong

In this third period, thousands of religions flood out, they are disturbing in East Earth of Tao-plate, Lao-Mu makes it reunion into One.

lai wang zao xia zhen yan zhou

The entire Heaven's workers to be back and forth to develop Tao-whoever wishes to go Home should be through real sutra.

chuan xia dang lai da zhang jing

This Da-zang Scripture shall be wordless and hidden. It is useless to recite from paper works.

ying er cha nv chang chi nian

Lao-Mu calls men as children, while calls women as innocent girls. She wishes this Da-zang Scripture should not be left behind. We should keep it in heart, and review it times and again.

xie shen bu gan lai jin shen

Just to read continuously, all evil spirits dare not come to cause trouble.

chi nian yi bian shen tong da

At least one reciting per day, you will be happy all day, you can cater strange wisdom.

chi nian liang bian de chao sheng

Twice a day in reciting, you will be calm down to cultivate Buddha's Nature, stop reincarnation.

chi nian san bian sheng gui pa

Three times a day in reciting, all spirits would be scared, and never come to you again.

wang liang xie mo hua wei chen

Mountain or water spirit will become dust, they cannot come to cause disturbance.

xiu chi jie nei xun lu jing

To solicit Tao, find out a nice path to follow, through this path can be led to perfection.

nian zi zhen yan gui fo ling

Silently recite the sutra, follow all regulations in altar, to own Buddha's quality.

nan wu tian yuan tai bao e mi tuo fo

Nan-mo means highest and noblest. Wu-ji is Tao's origination. Tian-yuan means to control one hundred twenty-nine thousand and six hundred years. Tai-bao means a rank in Heaven. Tai-bao can control Buddhas, Buddhist Laws, and Monks. Amitabha shines upon three thousands of Da-qian World. We'd  better Hymn to this title frequently.