Miracle of Kuan Yin


It was 15th day of the 8th lunar month in 1969
A true story in Ryukus Island, somewhere in the Pacific
There was a pineapple processing plant run by a Japanese
There were about 300 female Japanese and Chinese workers
The factory was situated at the foot of a mountain
That day, there was a fierce typhoon
Heavy downpour and flash flood
At the factory, the workers could see
Giant flash flood flowing down
Towards the factory together with trees, cars and houses
Then a young girl, a Tien Tao devotee
By the name of Su Chin Cheng
Remembered the Three Heavenly Treasures of TAO
Called upon Heaven with the Three Treasures
The Goddess of Mercy, Kuan Yin then possessed her
Then she spoke to the Japanese workers in Japanese
I am the Goddess of Mercy
Do not be afraid, I will save you
All the Japanese immediately prostrated before her
Then she turned to the Chinese workers and spoke to them in Chinese
All the Chinese immediately prostrated before her also
They were told to join hands to form a bond
The water came but did not sweep them away
Then one worker was swept away by the water
There was a flash and they could see that Kuan Yin
Actually flew and saved the worker
It was so fast that it was like a dream
Then all were saved
After the flood, the young Chinese lady regained herself
And was told the story
The Three Treasures are real in time of emergency
The five-word mantra is like an SOS
The first word represents the Highest Heaven of Buddha, Bodhisattva and Immortal
The second word represents the Spiritual World of the Deities
The third word represents our Human World
The fourth and fifth words, is the name of Maitreya Buddha
When called upon, beings from the three worlds will come to save
In this case, Kuan Yin came
There are many of these similar confessions
I had experienced it once and I was saved from the danger of being electrocuted
By a fallen lamp pole during a heavy downpour many years ago in a secluded area
I could see the sparks on the road right in front, hesitating whether to drive through
But I drove my car through peacefully after using the Three Treasures
Thanks be to GOD.