WHITE SUN is a book meant for the modern world through the Internet. By being able to reach out to millions of people worldwide in a second by just simply clicking the mouse, it is with great hope that I can share my true spiritual experiences with the divine beings in an instant with millions of people.
It is the spiritual encounters that not many people will meet in life. I consider it very fortunate to have such experiences and it will be a waste if I do not put it in writing to share it. My effort to write this book just came naturally from my inner soul to do so and I am very happy to realize that it is a very meaningful cause and I have done it.
The aim of the WHITE SUN is to explain what is TAO of Heaven. May you find this book refreshing and meaningful to your life. My wish is for people of the world to have an idea of what is TAO of Heaven, why there is TAO of Heaven in this chaotic world of ours at this particular time and why it is important to seek for TAO.
My Heavenly Teacher, JiGong said,
"The TAO of Heaven is very precious
A year passes and a year comes
When the Great TAO is in Nirvana ( latency )
No where can TAO be sought and studied
No matter how much money you have
You can’t buy the flowing back of time"
He further said,
"Flower that falls, cannot return atop the tree
Neither can the water that streams by, return to its spring
The beautiful scene of sunset
Disappear upon the advent of the night
Even works of righteous will be
Taken away by the ‘Messenger of Death’
Now, the ‘Messenger of Death’ may
Seem to be in a place of afar with no intention to force near you
But unknowingly and unnoticeably, It comes!"
TAO of Heaven will descend from Heaven once in every cycle of Heaven and Earth of 129,600 years each cycle. It will come at the peak of human civilization when earth is in great chaos to save the righteous souls. It will only appear for a certain period, then disappear and once disappeared it cannot be sought even if you have millions.
Life is uncertain, Death is certain. In death TAO becomes precious. 
T.A Chew - Author



Manifestation of JiGong