Why doesn’t Tien-Tao prohibit sex?

Heaven and Earth interact to create all things. Men and woman consummate to give new life. This is the law of nature. Practising Tao should not violate the laws of nature nor should it violate the Tao of mankind. Parents, children, husband and wives all live together to practise Tao. Practising Tao will not conflict with the duties of students, farmers, merchants or any person. A practitioner of Tao fulfils his responsibilities in the society while practising Tao.


The will of a practitioner of Tao can be firmly established through tests within the family affairs. So a practitioner of Tao should begin his practice from the relationship of husband and wife. Although Tien-Tao does not prohibit sex, sexual activities should be restrained. For those who are aware of the heavy burden associated with marriage, they may decide not to get married. For those who already have a family, they should be dedicated and be earnest in raising their families. One should guide all in the family to goodness by establishing himself as a model. This way, he will not bring shame to his ancestors and will not spoil his children. If people do not get married, there wouldn’t be any human left after fifty years. If there is no mankind, practising Tao would be meaningless.