Why is that Qi傍ien and Xiang傍ien will have ends?







In Qi傍ien, there are yin and yang result in changes. Since there are changes, there will be births and deaths, there will be beginnings and ends, Confucius said, "All object have roots and branches; all events have beginning and ends". Heaven, Earth, the sun, the moon, ghosts, deities, mankind, matters, animals, plantsetc are objects; therefore they all have roots (origins) and branches (destinies). The flow of four seasons, the changes in weather, the sunrise and sunsetetc are events, thus they will have beginnings and ends.


One cycle of Heaven and Earth is one hundred twenty nine thousand and six hundred (129,600) years. This period is called a cycle or yuan. A cycle has twelve Phases (hui). Each Phase lasts ten thousand and eight hundred (10,800) years. The twelve Phases are named as Zi, Chou, Yin, Mau, Cheng, Si, Wu, Wei, Shen, You, Xu and Hai.


The first six phases (Zi, Chou, Yin, Mau, Cheng and Si) are the period of birth and growth of Heaven and Earth. During the phases, the universe progresses from non-existence of life. The last six phases (Wu, Wei, Shen, You, Xu and Hai) are the period of decline and death of Heaven and Earth. During these phases, the universe regresses from existence to non-existence of life.


Presently we are at the transition period from Wu (7th) Phase to Wei (8th) Phase. We are at the peak of the human civilization and the climax of the scientific technology. Whatever reaches the peak will deteriorate. In the shen (9th) phase, mankind will disappear from earth. This cycle repeats indefinitely.


This indicates Qi傍ien has beginnings and ends. If Qi傍ien has beginnings and ends, it is obvious that Xiang tien will also have beginnings and ends. Based on this changes and reasoning, tomorrow can be predicted based on today and next year on this year. We can also say the previous cycle will determine the present cycle and predict next cycle of Heaven and Earth.


The above statements are proven by many generations of Saints through their inspirations and propagations. These are also classified as direct message from God. They are the Absolute Truth.



One Cycle of Heaven and Earth is calculated based on this timing.


1 day = 12 - 2 hr segments

1 month = 30 days

1 year = 12 months

1 generation = 30 years

1 period = 12 generations

1 era = 30 periods ( 10,800 years )

1 supreme cycle = 12 eras ( 129,600 years )