Short teachings of JiGong
Transmission of Tao ceremony. Upon initiation of Tao, devotees are classified as disciples of JiGong and family members of Maitreya Buddha. It is called The White Period, The White Lotus and The White Sun.

Short teachings of JiGong
This is mainly for the disciples of JiGong or just leisure reading pleasure for others to understand how JiGong teaches his disciples when he descends from Heaven. Below are only a few of his short sayings to share with the readers.
These teachings should also be able to benefit readers in one way or another in their lives because it applies to all human; be it for TAO devotees or any other spiritual path practitioners, now or later in life. May you read through patiently, it is the enlightening truth about life.
1] If you truly wish to cultivate and propagate Tao, you will naturally draw in many believers who have affinity with Tao and Buddha.
2] Propagating Tao is a selfless act and one should take all sentient beings as one’s benefactors from past lives. All the glories are to be onto God and Buddha in all directions. In this way, one will not lapse into the struggle for fame, wealth and power in Tao’s affair.
3] The real accomplishment lays with whether cultivators truly cultivate Tao, cling to vows, do away with greed, ignorance, argument and struggle, and put forth efforts toward spiritual perfection in order to fulfill one’s destiny.
4] Helps all sentient beings as well as oneself to achieve enlightenment in this life. Understand the cause and condition of one’s cultivation in Tao, so as to establish a benevolent movement in Heaven and on Earth.
5] Nurture generosity in your heart, and be broad minded. Celebrate the success of other people, praise the excellence of others, and respect those who strive in hardships.
6] Always be grateful and repentant in heart in observing adverse or opportune situations, when encounter in life. Accept and face everything with a smile so that you can be freed from vexation.
7] The end is near! One shall enlighten oneself. Do not be attached with affection, bitterness, love, hatred, wrongful accusation and intimate relationship. Release yourself naturally from all emotional afflictions to become truly free. Learn to stay cool and calm.
8] No matter what, cultivate Tao earnestly. Tenaciously keep vows and disciplines. Be refrained and be prudent.
9] God will certainly extend the time for your propagation if all Tao cultivators could kneel and bow before God in union with kind thoughts to delay and reduce the coming of the calamities and catastrophes.
10] Cultivators in this ‘period of last dharma’ shall make great vows that one’s mind be lifted and become the same with that of Buddha in all directions. If one seeks only to emancipate oneself in this lifetime, how can one enter the dharma sea of truth?
11] One shall act upon alleviating sufferings and benefiting society in general. One shall also respond favorably to activities such as setting free animals from being slaughtered and protecting animals. By doing so we will broaden our affinity with all sentient beings. If one does not restore the earthly order, how can one consummate the spiritual world?
12] If you devote yourself in Tao, I will certainly bestow you auspicious opportunities. Some will advance fast and some slow and this has to do with one’s affinity with sentient beings and one’s karma. There is no need to envy others. I hope your goal remains constant and as your teacher, I deeply bless you. Clouds will eventually dissipate and moonlight shines forth. At the end of bitterness comes sweetness.
13] To those who die of misfortune and disasters on earth, one shall devote one’s prayer of tenderness, sadness and sympathy to them. Only through nurturing our compassion toward the unfortunate among non-believers, we are able to move and summon those who have affinity with Buddha.
14] Do your best to end worldly affinity when fulfilling one’s vow. Be free as a cloud, so that one will not fall into another cycle of causation that can only be repaid in next lives.
15] I still offer visible and invisible help whenever you needed it but if there is no congruity or harmony among you, how am I to face the disappointment of Buddha in all directions? Be united in spirit and harmonious with each other.
16] Lessen secular passion as well as saintly affection. Be easy and free wherever one goes. Do away with indulgence, extravagance and grandiose. I was poor all my life. With a bowl I receive alms from thousands of household. I traveled ten thousand miles alone, free and casual. I was not able to receive and temper with these wealthy and noble disciples.
17] Cultivators of Tao must differentiate between the sacred and secular, the public and the private. With slight dishonesty, one will lose integrity. Has there been any temple used for business trading in the past? If one is greedy, one will reimburse in Heaven in future.
18] Do not gossip about what happens and spread rumor in Temple. Cultivate the virtue of sympathy and tolerance. How we treat others, God will treat us likewise.
19] Be always thoughtful of creating future for sentient beings. Do not occupy position and dictate in power so as to blemish the good name of cultivation of Tao or hurt innocent Tao followers. Do not let down the immense grace of God.
20] One should have deep concern and pray for all sentient beings in tribulation in the six realms of existence. The realms are; realm of deity, semi-deity, human being, animal, hungry ghost and hell. We wish that they will soon meet auspicious conditions and rise above the sea of suffering.
21] Do not be stubborn with the right and wrong of humanly affair and cling to outer fame and forms. Make your hearts the same as mine so that you can understand my inner thoughts because I care for all of you.
22] The spiritual teachings from Buddha do not belong to one temple. I am willing to go any place to strengthen the faith with my disciples. Do not let down the wondrous contrivance from God.
23] It is an obstacle to be stubborn in non-attachment to forms. You must have deep gratitude otherwise manifestations of immortals will be cut off and some had been cut off because there was sense of rejection to those events regarding retribution some times ago.
24] Pray for God’s forgiveness so that those who have left temple or relapsed in Tao cultivation will be awakened and returned to their cultivation.
25] Do not rely on fortune telling nor be disheartened by obstacles of the time. When you make the great vow and resolve the great goal that resonates with the heart of Buddha, it had pierced through three thousand spheres and breakout the cycle of birth and death. All sentient beings in the ten directions had also been summoned in reverberation. This is for all to rejoice.             
26] God’s final judgement of one’s spiritual grade rests upon one’s moral character, self-discipline, purity of the mind, devotion to vows and patience in temperament. It does not depend on outer fortune, merits, fame and forms.
27] Maitreya Buddha and I have gone back and we left the responsibilities for the three realms and worldly temples to you. Work together and do not engulf into the trap of power, status and fame of Tao affair.
28] Those cultivators who came before us and have returned to Heaven are ancient sages. Those who started cultivation before us are seniors. Those who cultivate Tao with us are our Tao-mates. All these are good teachers and beneficial friends whom we have affinity with in past lives and who have many attributes that deserve our respect and bow. One should always cultivate Tao with humanity.
29] Do not become more famous or wealthy but have no growth in one’s inner wisdom and spiritual nature after tens of years in cultivating and propagating Tao. Sentient beings in the last Dharma! You must be able to make clear distinction between what is enlightenment and what is mere fortune.
30] In the whole process of cultivation, one shall be aware of what is to be utilized, what is to be abolished and what is to be exercised. It is the tangible affairs of Tao to expand Tao with outer and kindly endeavors. It is the intangible affairs of Tao to improve one’s spiritual nature with inner and saintly virtues. By engaging in both one can have real achievement.
31] Occasionally we have to bear in our thoughts those sentient beings that are in suffering and have not yet acquired Tao. We pray for their encountering favorable causes and conditions for cultivation and attainment of Tao. If they are not to be saved in this lifetime, then we bless them and hope that they will acquire Tao, attain enlightenment and end suffering in the next cosmic cycle.
32] Do not be contented with the happiness and peace that we have now. Be thankful for the present environment of our cultivation. Even we might be tested with misfortune, we are better off than the sentient beings in the realms of hell, hungry ghost and animal. How can we complain and feel depressed. Nor should we feel proud and conceited.
33] One should always elevate oneself, encourage oneself so as to enrich virtuous nature and inner wisdom and reduce hindrance of karma and retribution.
34] Study diligently scriptures by ancient saints and sages. In retrospection of the old and learning of the new, one can realize the wondrous principle of oneness. In due course, one can comprehend the efforts of preaching by ancient saints and sages.
35] Accredit all merits and accomplishments to God and Buddha in all directions, so that one will not stumble by impediment of following a fellow human being.
36] One should induce in everybody the realization of the Heavenly nature. It is important to cultivate in accordance with the true principles of Tao.
37] Eventually trails will come. Great test of wisdom is coming especially toward the end of the White Stage. It is said, ‘To hold steady in calmness to resist thunder storms.’ My disciples, you shall go through drills and ordeals before becoming great characters in this era of Tao.
38] I advise you to reinforce the mental stronghold in cultivation, to safeguard the root of cultivation and to nourish that dimming light of humanity. Even if one fails to become enlightened in this lifetime, one would sustain this kindness in heart and hope, by not backtracking, to attain transcendence in next life times.
39] One shall cultivate a broad view that every place can be Heaven, every place can be Buddha’s pure land, so then, Buddha’s spirit will be prevalent on earth. Thus, then, I shall not be concerned! I hope you grasp every moment of being alive to bring forth such possibility.
40] Do according to the spirit of Tao predecessors to prolong the extension of Heavenly decree. Do not deviate from the true principle in Tao. Do not follow a human leader. Everyone shall do one’s best to stabilize Tao’s temple.
41] Do according to ancient sage’s teachings. Think of being on par with the virtuous when you see one. Obey cardinal principles and progress in Tao. Never worship Buddha, Immortals or individuals as idols.
42] Follow the virtuous nature. Honor Buddha’s precepts. Encourage and advise each other among Tao cultivators. Assist each other. Engage jointly in cultivation and propagation of Tao. Bring about the spirit of Buddha Maitreya great family.
43] Do not become indignant due to greed and anger. Under the core principle of non-greediness, non-ignorance, sincerity and truthfulness, pursue the will of Tao predecessors to disseminate the altruistic spirit of the great Tao. Right or wrong, honest or crooked, it is up to God to judge fairly. Do not make presumptive argument and cause fraction in Tao’s temple.
44] All rivers flow to the sea and joint in one source eventually. Be truthful in cultivating and propagating Tao. One maybe mistreated by people but God will be fair to him.
45] As a Tao Baptist, one shall behave and cultivate Tao in an upright, genuine and well-dispose manner, so that one will not defile one’s Heavenly decree.
46] Do not cause disorder, otherwise, one may gain little but lose a great deal.
47] If one does not study the books by saints and sages, the one will not conceive the mind of saints and sages. In time of peril, how can one face candidly the choice of life or death, rise or fall!
48] Whatever happens, propagate Tao wholeheartedly and cultivate Tao is cultivating one’s true self.
49] Be forgiving in heart and always keep the door open for cultivators who have repented.
50] Value every minute and every second of one’s inner thought. Protect this little spiritual light of fire.






















JiGong usually will descend from Heaven to teach his disciples in the Temple of Tao of Heaven.




Life is uncertain, death is certain; in death, Tao becomes precious.


The end is near! No matter what, cultivate Tao earnestly.



If you devote yourself in Tao, JiGong will certainly bestow you auspicious opportunities.


The happy little fairies in Heaven. Be free as a cloud, so that one will not fall into another cycle of causation that can only be repaid in next lives.


Cultivators of Tao must differentiate between the sacred and secular, the public and the private.


Do not let down the immense grace of God.