Sutra within Sutra within Sutra Sutra within Sutra

This is Sutra within Sutra within Sutra. It is a very mystical message from Heaven comprised of seven messages from seven different temples and seven different countries. When the highlighted Chinese calligraphy words are picked up from these seven messages and joined together, they formed another message. Inside this message from the seven messages, there are four Chinese words. When the words inside the Chinese words are picked up, they form another message and a Lotus Flower inside this message. Inside the Lotus Flower is another message and it explains how a cultivator of Tao of Heaven can achieve Lotus Position or Seat in Heaven called The Attainment of Tao, meaning return to Heaven and be a Saint or Immortal with Eternal Life.

See far below in the center column the four Chinese Words resulted from the seven messages shown below and the Lotus flower.

Message 1

Message 2

Message 3

Message 4

Message 5

Message 6

Message 7



These are few samples of "Sutra within Sutra" where Heaven delivers messages in the form of Chinese words mixed with other languages, pictures, drawings...etc inside the main messages shown below. These messages are delivered in the manner beyond the ability of human being. Brief explanations on the right.







There are many books on these "Sutra within Sutra" compiled to allow devotees of Tao of Heaven to learn from the Heavenly messages. All words are written by Heavenly beings and every message was delivered by at least two Heavenly Beings. Below is a message delivered through three parts and when join together a complete message is seen. 

Sutra within Sutra within Sutra

(From the seven messages on the left)

The below message is the result from the seven messages explained on the left column above. The Chinese words inside these four Chinese words from these seven messages when join together will form the Lotus Flower below.

The Lotus Flower explains The Attainment of Tao or Return to Heaven and have Eternal peace for Tao cultivator who follows the seven paths of cultivation.























The main messages are normally written in Mandarin and the other messages can be in any language, picture or drawing.
In the first message on the left, the red logo is the logo of Lao Mu. It is the inverted Chinese word of "Mother" hence Lao Mu is also known as The Heavenly Mother. This mystical drawing highlighted with orange color explains that Lao Mu (logo) sent down The Five Great Religions, namely Taoism, Confucianism, Buddhism, Christianity and Islam indicated by the Five Rectangles and explained at the left hand side from the words picked up along the lines of the orange drawing. All words are properly arranged and picked up forming another "Sutra" within the main "Sutra". The meaning of "Sutra" is word of Buddha or The Enlightened One or The Divine.
The second divine message on the left is the about Love and the Chinese word of Buddha is in the center of Love. If we pick up the  Chinese words along these lines, we have a set of Sutra besides the main Sutra written in the vertical manner.
The Third message on the left is also about Love with words written in Thai language in the center of the main message and a flower. Heaven knows all kinds of language.

The fourth message on the left is the English word "Sincere" where the main message is in Chinese. If we pick up the Chinese words along the letters of "S" follows by "I" and then "N"...we have another set of Sutra teaching us about "sincerity" in the smaller set of words below the top main message.

The fifth message on the left are two Malay words meaning "The Heart of Buddha". Likewise if we pick up the Chinese words along the two Malay words accordingly, we will have another divine message in the two smaller sets of words below the main message.

The sixth message on the left is about Buddhism and The Right Eightfold Paths of Buddhism. Likewise the center word in orange and the eight words in green explained in detail the teachings of Buddhism. The main message is a long one all written in Chinese. This is the mystical and divine message where every word is from Heaven.

This seventh message on the left was written by Maitreya Buddha when a big Holy Tao of Heaven Temple was opened on 1st May '98 in Malaysia. The ship represents The Holy Ship from Heaven to ferry us back home to the land of bliss or Kingdom of God. Maitreya Buddha then named the temple "Sheng Xuan Gong" indicted by the First Three Chinese Words on the flag of the ship near the pole.