Thin and Thick
A poem by Master JiGong,
"If Heaven ‘thin’ my luck ( born unlucky )
I shall ‘thicken’ my virtue to welcome it
If one can be contented with what he has
Heaven cannot make him poor
If one can endure
Heaven cannot send him disaster
If one can train and nurture the brilliant and the talented ones
Heaven cannot isolate him
If one can take the world as his own duty
Heaven cannot destroy him"
A good and charitable heart usually looks better outwardly
Either by a healthy look or a pleasant and charming look
Once I saw a pleasant lady of about 60 years old
And I told my friend that she must be a good lady
Knowing her well, my friend said ‘Yes’ she was very charitable
Once I also saw an unpleasant man of about 40 years old
He gave a fiery speech on other religions and practices
Without due consideration of feelings of others
Looking at these
The good looks good
The bad looks bad
Looks like Heaven is very fair
It will send accordingly what deem fit
look pleasant and charming
Even at age 60 is a gift from Heaven
To look bad
At age 40 needs a lot to ponder why?
If Heaven ‘thin’ my luck        
Virtue is the answer to ‘thicken’ it
I would like to be like the charming lady
Even at 60 people think I am 40
And not 40 people think that I am 60.
This is 100% true for lady and for man too
We can ‘thicken’ our ‘thin’ luck
Once I owned a Pub business and drank beer and alcohol
People said I looked 10 years older than my age
Now I have changed and redeemed my life for the better
People now say I look 10 years younger than my age.
40 instead of 60