Thousand Years
Master JiGong said,
"People rarely live up to a hundred years of age
Yet, they carry with them the worries of a thousand years
Within this chaotic and dazzling world, it is only due to ignorance
That people have created for themselves
Thousands and tens of thousands of attachments and worries
Like circles within circles and layers upon layers
These attachments and worries have firmly plugged their minds
So tightly plugged that one is nearly suffocated
So densely blocked that it becomes indissoluble
Their purpose in life have been totally sunk into a loss
And an illusion of the past, the present and the future
No time is ever spared to seek the real meaning of life
Hence, greed, anger, ignorance and desire come into being
Cause-Consequence and samsara come into being
And the endless floating and sinking of births and deaths come into being"
How do we rid off these attachments and worries?
Master JiGong said it was through the pointing of the Bright Master
One has already ‘surpass the bondage of birth’
What immediately follows is to subdue the old-habits
That one has accumulated through one’s numerous past lives
And to root out the barriers of vexations
Otherwise, one still cannot put an end to the bondage of death
And will still be flowing and turning in the Samsara
Pointing of the Bright Master is to be initiated with TAO
The Bright Master is Master JiGong
He is appointed by LAO MU to transmit TAO 
Everyone needs GOD’s help to wake up from this dream
Due to our thousands and thousands of years of Karma
We are sinking deeper and deeper and totally at a loss
We need to be awakened and as stated in the Sutra of Maitreya Buddha
When one is initiated with TAO
It is like striking of inner cloud and thunder in the middle of the void
It is the opening of the mystical point and the Truth
And the child in us wants to go home to Heaven
With the Heavenly Three Treasures we practise to rid off
Thousands and ten of thousands of attachments and worries
It will surpass the bondage of birth and death
And be free like A Carefree Immortal
Travel through the cosmos without restrictions
Say goodbye to thousands of years of karmic trap
And live ten of thousands and thousands years in eternity
Just like in the Beginning
First there was nothing, it is the void.