Time and Season


Master JiGong said,
"Fruits too must follow their time and season
Then only can it give good fruits
It is only by conforming to nature
That there is prosperity and progress
This is similar to spring, summer, autumn and winter
These four seasons would not go in reverse
Because of this principle
We too should conform to Truth in TAO cultivation
We must realize that
In obeying Heaven, one will prosper
In acting against Heaven, one will be destroyed
To truly destroy the extravagant (wasteful) habits
And despairing mood of this society
That only is the most important
To readily correspond with Truth
One must put down the external attachments
And worldly affairs
And let oneself be calm and peaceful for a while
One must learn to eliminate noisy messes
And clear up the chaotic confusions"
The advice of the Master is always fresh
Pin-pointing to the everyday life
Touching all of us one way or another
It is not in the deep and great dharma
It is not in the deep interpretation of the sutras
It is not in the deep meditation and chanting
It is just every little thing
In our daily life
In our mind
In our soul
The way to cultivate
The way to purify
The way to liberate
The way to eternity
When the time and season are up
The fruit is Buddhahood.