To Be or Not to Be


Master JiGong said,
"In the journey of life
It is unavoidable that there are times of high tides and low tides
Now and then, there are happy times
Now and then, there are lonely times
Since ancient times, all the saints and worthies are lonely
Why? Because, sometimes ‘what I have done’
Cannot be comprehended by others
Yet, it is only for a short while
That people do not understand
Later on, they will understand
What matters is how you endure the time
When you are lonely
How you get over the loneliness
And how you comfort your lonely heart
And dissolve your loneliness
You fall and you bleed
You must sooth and treat your wound
It is exactly during the time when nobody comforts you
That you do need to strengthen yourself"
Loneliness is not new to me
I had many loved ones and lost many loved ones
And had gone through many broken hearts
During the time of loneliness and pain
I endured and suffered in silence
I did not do any sinful actions
I strengthened myself and dissolved my sorrows
Through involvement in spiritual activities
Fortunately I encountered TAO
It gives me strength and chance to learn about TAO
The more I realized
The more I am willing to accept my fate
If it is so that my life is meant to be like the ancient worthies
I know I am not the only one in the circle of TAO
May GOD lead me the way
To be or not to be!