True Tao, True Test


Master JiGong said,
"True TAO, true test
 Thousand demons million spiritual tests.’
When tested by the Asura Demons
Perseverance gives rise to wisdom
‘So that even a bitter gall-bladder
Can even turn into a sweet spring
So that a thatched cottage
Can even be an elegant mansion"
Who are the people who will face the tests?
Spiritual people who are sincere
It is to test their sincerity
Which is the most basic in any spiritual cultivation
Those who failed are either not able to persevere
Or hypocrite
Those who passed will ascend up the level of cultivation
The tests will become more severe
Because when a practitioner of truth
Grows and becomes more spiritually mature
He will be given heavier task directly or indirectly
To carry out the will of Heaven
I can see the heavy responsibilities of certain cultivators
They have to be calm and wise in handling the affairs of salvation
And I can also see
How certain practitioners change in outer appearance
From a normal look to kind look
It is called inner holiness
And outer kindness
Through many years of vegetarianism and giving
They deserved to be blessed
Some gave up almost everything for the sake of Heaven
It was because they had seen through
Gracefully we grow old
Peacefully we leave this world
May it be you too.