Twist your Fate


Master JiGong said,
"Although the sky speaks not
The sun, the moon and the stars never stop moving
Although the earth talks not
Ten-thousand living things grow and ripen abundantly
Heaven speaks not and the earth talks not
This is exactly the truth and principle
Why do ten-thousand living things grow?
Why do the sun and the moon never stop circulating?
This shows that a way to Truth does exist.
If we don’t make use of images and words
To let you understand
It is not easy to comprehend
Every matter must have its truth and principle
And they must have rules and norms
To generate and develop faith
It must rely on oneself
To recognize Truth clearly
One must practise Truth honestly
If you have contributed, naturally
Heaven would not treat you unfairly
And would not let you down
Do it attentively and naturally
Heaven would ‘twist your fate’
Hardships and frustrations of the world
Would pass away sooner or later
Don’t let them disturb you
From the start, life has nothing that really matters
Not a thing exists originally
Why should we invite the dust
The more desires you have
The less you will seek the thing
Concerning the mind and spirit
Besides, desires themselves are never-ceasing
And never-ending
In a glance
Life vanishes
How sad!"