Weeds and Thorns


Master JiGong told his disciples,
"Our spirit and life is grasped within our hands
The homeward path would be overgrown with
Weeds and thorns if we do not walk on it
All these weeds are actually grown and nurtured by oneself
It is not Heaven above that stands in your way
Purposely and gives you the barriers
If you wish to put an end to this sufferings
You must make contributions and build your virtues
Only with true merits and honest repentance
Can Heaven offer true help"
It is said that human existence has more sufferings than joy
In true cultivation of TAO
One must have an aspiration, an ideal and a goal
So Master JiGong further said,
"Recognize the directions clearly
Turn the steering wheel on seeing the wind (grip opportunities)
Rebuild a new life and seek the root
Throw away and let go all greed, anger, ignorance and blind love and passion
To the ones with affinity, the saints are beckoning from afar
Disciples, do encourage yourself and do cultivate with haste."
The weeds and thorns are our wrong doings
Reap what you sow
It is the universal Truth
Our direction must be clear and not clouded with impurities
The problems usually are
People know but do not do the clearing of the weeds and thorns
Or just pure ignorance of the weeds and thorns
Or simply too much greed, anger and selfishness
Or simply the results cannot be seen instantly
Or simply taking the immediate enjoyments that breed the weeds and thorns
Not bothering of what to come
Human fears effect
Bodhisattva fears cause
Cause and effect is the universal Truth
Rid off the bad causes
Is ridding off the weeds and thorns
Heaven will then offer true help
The harvest will be bountiful
Without weeds and thorns.