WHITE SUN - Tao of Heaven All Photographs shown below are real. We call it divine manifestations from Heaven


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Is a book of 308 pages with many divine manifestations      
It is an answer to the endless sufferings of life
How to end it and find eternal happiness
An experience the author really encountered
Nobody would dare to say he has no sufferings
Be he rich or poor, fortunate or unfortunate
Beautiful or ugly, fat or thin, healthy or not healthy
Everybody suffers, sooner or later, maybe in Hell
How can we overcome these never ending problems          
Be it family problem, love problem, financial problem, health problem...
The Chinese says, the sufferings of birth, old age, sickness and death
Nobody can escape, nobody can avoid, nobody even if you are a king
For the last 5,000 years, Heaven sent down 3 Buddhas and 64 Patriarchs
Known as 'The Golden Thread' in the teaching of Tao of Heaven
Because of this Golden Thread, all faiths in the millions come together including
The five religions; Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, Christianity and Islam
To take away our sufferings and give us joy
To stop the cycle of sufferings and give us eternity
To wake up our inner souls and realize our true nature
To make us reveal our true wisdom and understand the world
This book will lead us to see the answer to many mysteries of life                             
It is like a chest of treasure, once we open it                                                      There are many precious and invaluable gems that we can gain                                 
The saints and sages will be awakened and enlightened                                            
The author is a very ordinary person who has gone through great sufferings               
Almost wanted to end it with his life but was saved from it                                        
In this book he wishes to share with you how he survived the many falls  
How he got up and wrote this book with his spiritual encounters
Browse through the few pages here, there are so many things that
What our eyes cannot see are actually there, manifestations are real
They have nothing to do with religions, even Jesus Christ manifested
In the sky to support Tao of Heaven because it is a divine path.
May you get a copy, it is the chest of wisdom to let us see
It may be just right for you, be it for knowledge or eternity

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Manifestation of suffering in Hell confirming
that it is real, unseen to the eyes

Manifestation of the Golden Thread
The line of fire unseen to the eyes but

appears in this photograph

Manifestation of Jesus Christ in the sky in Philippines on 28/7/1993