What is a wise man?

The word wisdom means understanding the Truth. Only the wise knows to practise Tao, to learn the teaching of the Saints, to seek the Enlightened Teacher with the Heavenly Decree, to perform good deeds, to repent his sins, to practise Tao by retreating from the society in solitude or living in the society, and to understand the law of karma and the existence of the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth. He knows by nature all of these as he knows there is a sun in the sky and to use a lamp in the dark. A wise person will repent and practise Tao as soon as he learns about Karma. He will correct all his bad habits, perform good deeds, speak only of the Truth, practise only Tao, take only what he justly deserves, think of only righteous thoughts, be honest, and have an everlasting reputation by establishing his virtues. In brief, the wise devotes to spreading benevolence, justice, virtues and Tao of Heaven. Once he attains Tao, he then helps others to cultivate their virtues and attain Tao, hoping everyone can become a Saint or a Sage and return to Godís Kingdom.