During my younger days
I was very well known in womanizing
One after another, love or passion
I was not able to differentiate
With quite a good built and pleasant face
I was able to attract easily the other gender
I lost count how many and I thanked all of them
For making my past so colorful and exciting
I even had one with many beauty titles
Then came my turn in 1993
Without knowing how painful broken heart can be
The first time I tasted it I almost wanted to end it all
I realized what I had done earlier was wrong
I learned that if I am not prepared to stay for good
It is better to leave her alone and just be friend
In that way nobody gets hurt and friendship can last
I know how to draw the line and no means no
It is easy to start but hard to end
Real stories are very painful to read
Seeing people can die because of broken heart
Recently in the news
A jilted man dosed himself with petrol in front of his ex-girlfriend
And died a fiery death, such similar tragic deaths are very common
Whenever I come across such news
My heart pounds me with deep sadness
I really thank heaven that I was saved
From facing such kind of tragedy
I was closed to that but it didn’t happen
The girl took a rope and wanted to hang herself
It was just a threat to make me stay
How can I live if that took place in front of my eyes?
Womanizing can be fun but it can hurt deeply too
The reverse will come if we do that to another human
Sooner or later, it is only a matter of time
To overcome and resist such temptation is great
I have been successful lately when tempted
The famous story in my hometown
Was the third party was stripped naked and had his legs broken
When he was involved with somebody’s wife
He crawled a few kilometers naked to get help to the hospital
Never play with fire because fire really burns
Other people’ wives, just beware
Just for fun, you have to pay for it dearly
Maybe with your life!