Yin & Yang
In the beginning, Heaven and Earth were not separated and all was a void with no men or matters. Tao itself cannot be named, so ONE is forced to represent it. This is why “Tao gives rise to One.” The essence of Tao is quiescent. When it is quiescent to the extreme, motion comes about. When there is motion, Heaven and Earth are created. This is why “One gives rise to Two.” Heaven and Earth are “yang” and “yin.” All things in the cosmos are interactions of “yang” and “yin”. Heaven created mankind, and mankind is in between Heaven and Earth. This is why “Two gives rise to Three.” When Heaven, Earth and Mankind – The “Three Powers” of the cosmos – are established, all things flourish in accordance with God’s will. This is why “Three gives rise to everything.” 
That knows the True Heart
Sees the True Self
No motion no stillness
No birth no vanishing
No going no coming
No right no wrong
No dwelling no drifting
The void has no beginning and no ending.
Like a circle, the beginning is the end and the end is the beginning.
God has no beginning and no ending and likewise our souls.
The One Dot
The circle starts with a dot. As the dot expands, it becomes a circle. The One dot is in the center of the circle. Return to One is to return to Heaven.
Tao of Heaven is known as I Kuan Tao in Chinese. It means “The Tao that unifies all with Oneness.”
Where does “One” return to?
One, the origin, disperses into all, yet how does One begin?
Buddhism is to return to One.
Confucian doctrine is to pervade One.
Taoism is to maintain One.
Teaching of Tao of Heaven is to combine The Three Religions into One.
The Two Dots
Yin and Yang is the logo of Taoism. When One becomes Two, the circle is broken, it becomes One in Chinese. The example of a circle  (O) becomes   (-), a straight horizontal line in Chinese means One. It then has beginning, starts from the left and ends at the right. This also explains Birth and Death, Male and Female, Good and Bad, Thin and Fat, The Two Extremes, The Two Opposites, Black and White….etc. this is Yin and Yang.
In the White, there is some Black
In the Black, there is some White
In the Right, there is some Wrong
In the Wrong, there is some right
In Tao of Heaven, Yin and Yang is further explained as follows:
One cycle of Heaven and Earth or One Cosmic Cycle is calculated based on this timing.
1 day = 12 of 2 hr segments (24 hours)
1 month = 30 days
1 year = 12 months
1 generation = 30 years
1 period = 12 generations
1 era = 30 periods (10,800 years)
1 Cosmic cycle = 12 eras (129,600years)
The twelve (12) eras are named:
Zi, Chou, Yin, Mau, Cheng and Si  -  The First Six Eras
Wu, Wei, Shen, You, Xu and Hai  -  The Second Six Eras
In the First Six Eras – The Universe progresses from non-existence to existence
In the Second Six Eras – The Universe regresses from existence to non-existence
The world has gone through endless cycles of Heaven and Earth. In this cycle of Heaven and Earth, we are now at the period between the eras of 7th and 8th, which is the decline of Heaven or the start of the regressing period. We are now at the peak of human civilization and great period of sins caused by human beings. It is approximately 60,000 years since the creation of man in this period of Heaven and Earth. The appearance of The White Sun signifies the beginning of the end of the period or the end of the world.
The Three Dots
If Yin and Yang is divided into Four Equal Parts, then we will have The Four Seasons; Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. This gives life to all living beings and it has a Dot in the center of the two lines that divide the Yin and Yang. In total we will have Three Dots. In Chinese we say that if we can understand 1,2,3, and practise it, then we can return to Heaven. The 1,2,3 is the one, two and three dots. This is the Ultimate Truth of life and it is The Heavenly Time that we have to understand to realize the importance of its timing. In every cycle of Heaven and Earth, Tao of Heaven will descend from Heaven for a certain period and will then disappear. It comes at the time of great calamities to save the righteous souls before The Final Catastrophe, that will practically clean up the whole Earth from its sins by The Fire from the sky, Great Flood and Water from the Sea and Ocean and The Killer Wind called The “Gang Feng.”




















1st Era (Zi) is the Birth of the Sky. After 10,800 years, under the 2nd Era (Chou) is the Birth of Earth and the 3rd Era (Yin) is the Birth of Mankind. Human beings already existed for 60,000 years in this cycle of Heaven and Earth and we are in the Eras between the 7th and 8th.

In the 9th Era (Shen), it is the Death of Mankind, and in the 10th Era (You), the Decline of Earth. The 11th Era (Xu) is the Decline of the Sky. The cycle will then start again when one cycle ends. The last cycle will determine this cycle and this cycle will determine the next cycle.